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Biesen / O’Connor custom Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .270 Win., 2006 FNAWS & O’Connor Center raffle rifle, spectacular engraving, unfired

Imagined in 2002, commissioned in 2004 and raffled in 2006; this one-of-a-kind custom rifle is the result of superb cooperation between the O’Connor family, the Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage and Education Center and the Idaho Chapter of FNAWS. Recently donated to the Boone and Crockett Club by the raffle winner, it is presented to the market through the Club’s Guns For Conservation Program. Proceeds from the sale will be directed to the Boone and Crockett Club Foundation and benefit wildlife conservation efforts in perpetuity.

Those who are familiar with O’Connor’s writings will remember that Al Biesen stocked and customized two nearly-identical Winchester pre-64 Model 70 Featherweight .270 Winchester rifles for the legendary writer. As O’Connor wrote in Sheep and Sheep Hunting (Winchester Press, 1974), “The No. 2 rifle is my particular pet. Month after month, year after year, in sunshine and in rain it puts its favorite load with the 130-grain Nosler bullet into a little group three inches high at a hundred yards.” The Biesen / O’Connor rifle offered here is a faithful reproduction of “No 2”. As it should be, the original is owned by the O’Connor family and destined to forever remain in their care.

Built by Al & Roger Biesen, the Model 70 Featherweight barreled action is flawlessly stocked in French walnut, graced with a fine borderless 24 lines-per-inch checkering accented with fluers and finished with an ebony forend tip. Additional features include jeweled bolt body, extractor and follower, two-panel checkered bolt knob, recontoured and checkered bolt release and recontoured (cloverleaf) tang. The stock itself is dressed out with a steel bottom metal and grip cap, initial shield on the toe line (blank), cheek piece with shadow line and a Biesen trapdoor butt plate with widow’s peak.

ENGRAVING: Engraved by Paula Biesen-Malicki (Roger’s daughter), the bottom metal is accented with delicate scroll. The steel grip cap continues the theme, surrounding a bust of one Jack’s finest Coues’ deer. The butt plate is nothing short of spectacular, as it presents the bust of O’Connor’s 44-inch Dall’s ram, taken in 1950 on Pilot Mountain in the Yukon Territory. SCOPE: In order to create as exact a duplicate as possible, a Leupold Mountaineer 4x scope with a “straight crosshair” reticle rides in favored Tilden mounts. The only aspect of the rifle not in perfect condition, it retains some 95 percent of the original finish.

DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.8 pounds, length-of-pull is 13.5 inches and the balance point is two inches behind the forward guard screw.

CONDITION: New and unfired since completion.

INCLUSIONS: As assembled by the raffle winner and donor, a three-ring notebook approximately one-inch thick contains original and copied correspondence between the O’Connor family members, O’Connor biographer Eldon “Buck” Buckner, FNAWS, Roger Biesen, Wolfe Publishing (Rifle Magazine), a final draft of Craig Boddington’s August, 2005 “Gunnotes” column on the rifle, original promotional flyers and a raffle ticket stub. Original and copied photos include the Biesen’s with the rifle in progress and finished, along with a pair of field photos with trophy rams. Finally, a single live Winchester Super Speed .270 round is included. Some would say it to be worth more than the rifle itself. The price is firm and layaway is available. $20,000 plus shipping.


Al & Roger Biesen custom Winchester pre-64 Model 70 .416 Taylor, stunning wood, flawless checkering, new condition

Al & Roger Biesen custom pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .416 Taylor. Spectacular in every respect, serial number 345480 wears 24-inch heavy sporter barrel with hooded and beaded ramp front sight, two-piece custom scalloped bases with Biesen’s great single-lever quick release system and pop-up aperture on the rear base, jeweled bolt body, extractor, rail and follower, three-panel checkered and hollowed bolt knob, custom bolt release, contoured (cloverleaf) tang and custom bottom metal with inside-the-bow release. Shaped from a heavily-figured English blank, the stock features an ebony forend tip, Howell-type inletted sling swivel studs, spectacular Biesen checkering accented with bold fluers, cheekpiece with shadow line and a 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. ENGRAVING: Maker’s names are centered on the barrel. The grip cap features a glowering Cape buffalo bust surrounded by scroll (unsigned, but certainly the work of Roger’s daughter, Paula). DIMENSIONS: Weight is 9.8 pounds. Length of pull is 13.6 inches. CONDITION: Virtually as new, with only the slightest indications of handling. CARTRIDGE NOTES: The .416 Taylor came to life as a wildcat, its purpose being to offer the ballistics of a .416 Rigby in the standard-length .458 Winchester case. Factory ammunition is available from Norma. The price is firm and layaway is available. $5,000 plus shipping.


Borden Accuracy, Jim Borden’s personal LSH .338 Remington Ultra Magnum, serial JB-1, Hart, Rimrock, stainless, brake

Borden Accuracy LSH in .338 Remington Ultra Magnum. Jim Borden’s personal rifle, with serial JB-1 and “BA” (Borden Accuracy) engraved on the sides of low 30mm Talley rings, it was made prior to 2001 when the company begin phasing out actions made by Nesika in favor of their own. Features include a 25-inch (27-inch including brake) stainless steel Hart barrel, stainless steel LSH action with spiral-fluted bolt, two-position safety (safe position locks bolt), long bolt handle, aluminum floorplate with inside-the-bow release and skeleton (lightened) magazine box, spectacular trigger and Rimrock stock with impressed checkering and cheekpiece. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.0 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.3 inches. CONDITION: Bore is bright and rifling sharp. Metal finish is about 98 percent, with the majority of what wear seen as tarnishing of the bolt handle. Stock condition is 97 percent as well, with a few scattered field and storage rubs. There are two chips just behind the tang. MARKINGS: “Borden Rifles, 338 Rem Ultra Magnum” on barrel, “Model LSH” and “Borden, Springville PA” on action left, “JB-1” on the right of the front ring and “BA” 4x on the Talley rings. The price is firm and layaway is available. $3,500 plus shipping.


Griffin & Howe .257 Roberts, Winchester Model 54, cock-on-open, horn, Hensoldt Wetzlar Zeil-Dailyt 4x, 97 percent

Griffin & Howe .257 Roberts on a much-refined Winchester Model 54 barreled action. Made in 1936, serial number 47690A retains the original 24-inch chrome moly steel barrel with integral front sight ramp. A banded sling swivel stud has been added and the rear sight boss dovetail is capped. The action has been improved to cock-on-open and a color case safety lever clears the scope. A Griffin & Howe side mount and a Lyman receiver sight (missing aperture) have been added. Additional metal appointments include a deep rust blue finish along with jeweling on the bolt body, extractor, follower and rail. The stock has been shaped from a dense walnut blank with bold grain. Accents include a horn forend tip, 24 lines-per-inch wrap-around bordered checkering, capped pistol grip, English cheekpiece with shadow line, sling swivel stud and a metal butt plate featuring a widow’s peak and border engraving. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 9.8 pounds as pictured. Length of pull is 14 inches. CONDITION: Metal finish is is about 98 percent. Wood is 97 percent, with a few scattered minor field impressions. The bore is bright and shiny, with strong rifling. SCOPE: Hensoldt Wetzlar Zeil-Dialyt 4x with 22mm (.860 inch) main tube and post/crosshair reticle. The scope is adjustable for elevation, with the windage adjustment built into the base. Optically clear, a small area of debris is visible at the edge of the field of view near two o’clock. INCLUSIONS: Griffin & Howe logo leather sling. The price is firm and layaway is available. $5,000 plus shipping.


Griffin & Howe .300 H&H Magnum, magnum Model 70 barreled action, 1950, Unertl Hawk 4x

Griffin & Howe .300 H&H Magnum on a Winchester Model 70 magnum action. Built in 1950, rifle number 2052 (serial number 123862) is a superb example of an American classic sporting rifle and was in fact inspired by the writings of Townsend Whelen. The 26-inch barrel has an integral front sight ramp with brass beaded blade and boss-mounted rear folding sight. The Model 70 magnum-length barreled action with cloverleaf tang was made in 1949 and sports a Griffin & Howe side mount. The bolt body, extractor, rail and follower have been carefully jeweled and the bolt knob has two hand-checkered bordered teardrop panels. Stocked from a walnut blank with bold and consistent grain plus hints of fiddle, finishing touches include an ebony forend tip, wrap-around bordered checkering, metal grip cap and sling swivel studs. The cheekpiece has a shadow line and the initial plate in the toe line is engraved “TJH”. CONDITION: Even after hunting much of Canada, the western United States and Zimbabwe, the rifle remains in high condition. The polished blue metal shows about 85 percent, mostly due to rubbing on the floorplate. The ebony forend tip shows some light crazing, including one line which might be a hairline drying crack. Overall stock condition and finish is strong, at least 90% with a collection of light scratches and impressions attesting to its 67 years of adventure. The recoil pad, a Pachmayr Decelerator, is a replacement. The bore is strong and bright. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 9.8 pounds with scope and length-of-pull is 14.0 inches. SCOPE: The Unertl Hawk 4x has a tapered post/crosshair reticle and a 1-inch tube. Optics are clear, inside and out. The price is firm and layaway is available. $7,000 plus shipping.


Griffin & Howe .375 H&H Magnum, true magnum Mauser action, drop box, quarter rib, AAA English, nine pounds

Griffin & Howe .375 H&H Magnum built on a magnum Mauser. A stunning dangerous game rifle with superb appointments, the 24-inch barrel has a matted ramp front sight with brass bead, gracefully banded sling swivel stud and a matted quarter rib with one standing and two folding leafs regulated for 100/200/300 yards. The action is a true magnum Mauser (9.25-inches long) with single square bridge, integral bases with sighting notch (to clear open sights), sculpted drop box bottom metal (four plus one capacity) with inside-the-bow release button, two-position knurled wing safety, jeweled bolt body and follower, checkered (two panels) bolt knob and a finely-checkered trigger shoe. The stock is fashioned from an exhibition grade English walnut blank shot through with dark ribbons. Accents include an ebony forend tip, wrap-around 24 lines-per-inch checkering with double border, English (pancake) cheekpiece with wrapping shadow line, leather-wrapped recoil pad, steel grip cap and inletted pedestal sling swivel stud. Additional accenting touches include niter blued bolt release lever and screws. The extractor face has been tapered to “snap over” a round dropped into the chamber. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 9.0 pounds and length of pull is 13.8 inches. Drops are 1.5 and 1.75 inches from the top of the integral bases. MARKINGS: “No. 745 Griffin & Howe, Inc. New York” on rib, “.375 Magnum” on chamber left, “105306” behind the barrel lug, “73688” and what appears to be “E3B” on the underside of the barrel, and either “L87” or “187” on both the underside of the barrel and front ring. IMPORT MARKINGS: A tiny “BV LINDEN WA USA” shows on the underside of the barrel just ahead of the forend tip and “114” appears on the lower right front ring, suggesting it was imported from Canada. HISTORY: Per the Griffin & Howe historian, no records exist. CONDITION: It appears this rifle was completely refurbished by Griffin & Howe at some point. Careful examination of the action (inside) indicates the presence of filled side mount attachment points. The bore is virtually new, which combined with the slender contour suggests it was replaced using the original sights and banded stud. Metal finish is about 99 percent, with only slight indications of use. Wood finish is 99 percent as well, while wood integrity is about 98 percent due to a scattering of minor scuffs and field impressions. $10,000 plus shipping.


Holland & Holland .240 Apex, takedown, 23-inch, express sights plus aperture, scope in quick-detaching H&H rings, very good bore, cased

Holland & Holland .240 Apex takedown sporting rifle. Based on a Mauser 98 action, rifle number 944 wears a 23-inch light sporter barrel with banded front sight (ramp with blade, folding hood), banded sling eye and banded rear sight with the fixed leaf marked “50” (left) and “200” (right), and a folding leaf marked “350”. Both leafs have gold sighting lines. The action has a stippled front ring, bent bolt handle with hollow knob, swing-over safety and an adjustable aperture sight marked “200” and “350” mounted on the cocking piece. The stock has wrap-around bordered checkering, cross bolt, pistol grip cap with trapdoor, initial plate on the toe line (blank), pancake cheekpiece and a horn buttplate with delicate widow’s peak. CONDITION: The bore remains bright, with viable rifling and only the slightest scattering of roughness. Overall blue is about 60 percent, with general thinning and silvering. Wood finish is about 70 percent. Checkering is uniformly flattened and the stock exhibits a significant amount of character due to a general coverage of field impressions and scratches. SCOPE: Brand markings are obscured. The 30mm main tube and elevation adjustment (marked to 500 yards) integrates perfectly with the Holland & Holland detachable rings. The tapered post and cross reticle is ready for service, as the optics remain viable. Only a slight internal clouding is present. MARKINGS: Serial 944 appears on barrel, action, floorplate, trigger guard, stock, extractor collar, bolt handle, cocking piece, grip cap trapdoor and rear scope ring. Barrel is marked “Holland & Holland. 98. New Bond Street. London.” Barrel (at receiver) is marked “Holland’s .240. Bore Apex RGD Rimless Cartridge”. “SAFE” appears in gold on the safety lever. DIMENSIONS: Weight, with scope attached, is 8.0 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.25 inches. CASE: The leather-bordered and felt-lined takedown case retains the maker’s label. It remains solid, with the wear, fading and spotting expected with age. The price is firm and layaway is available. $13,000 plus shipping.


Mauser Model 98 custom .250 Savage Ackley Improved. 22-inch octagon-to-round, Warne quick detaching rings, 6.8 pounds

Mauser 98 custom in .250 Savage Ackley Improved. Unsigned by maker (the consigning estate attributes it to “King from Florida”), serial number 3655 features a 22-inch octagon-to-round barrel with hooded front ramp sight, sling loop, rear sight with one fixed and one folding leaf (folder remains green), Warne 1-inch medium height quick detaching rings, extended bolt release, recontoured bolt handle with checkered flat bottom, custom bolt shroud with two-position checkered safety, custom bottom metal and Timney trigger. The stock begins with a petite ebony Schnabel, 24 lines-per-inch borderless panel checkering, single through post with ebony caps, pancake cheekpiece and buttplate with widow’s peak. DIMENSIONS: Weight (with rings) is 6.8 pounds. Length of pull is 13.25 inches. CONDITION: Bore is strong. Rust blue over barrel and action is about 96 percent, with modest indications of thinning. Wood finish and integrity are both 98 percent. The buttplate (possibly horn or ebony) has several small “worm holes”. CARTRIDGE NOTES: The barrel is marked “.250 Savage Improved” and the estate’s notes identify the rifle as “.250 Savage Ackley Improved”, these being the common names for Ackley’s improved version of the .250-3000. A highly-regarded cartridge for deer-size game, it is generally regarded as one of Ackley’s finest contributions to riflery. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,750 plus shipping.


Newton (Buffalo) First Model 1916 .30-06, serial 1104, Lyman 438 Field, cheekpiece, aperture front sight on banded pyramid base

Newton First Model 1916 .30 USG (.30-06). Made in Buffalo, New York, serial number 1104 (appears on underside of receiver, inside the stock and under the pistol grip cap) features a 26-inch barrel, aperture front sight on a banded pyramid base, banded sling swivel stud, folding rear sight on banded base, full-length claw extractor, checkered (underside) bolt knob, Lyman receiver sight, Lyman 438 Field scope and double set triggers. The stock has a Schnabel forend tip, bordered panel wrap checkering, steel grip cap and a cheekpiece. Takedown is both unique and innovative. The action secures against the rear portion of the tang, which in turn is anchored to the stock by a screw extending through the grip cap. The floorplate assembly rotates after opening the trap door to loosen the attaching screw. DIMENSIONS: Weight (scoped) is 8.8 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.75 inches. CONDITION: Bore is bright and absent pitting, with some general softening to the rifling. Safety and set triggers operate properly. Barrel blue shows about 70 percent, with general thinning. Markings are sharp. The action blue is also about 70 percent and thinning. Both the bolt handle and knob are about 60 percent. The stock has a coating of extra finish, an added recoil pad, spliced wood base for the rear sling loop, a missing sliver under the safety on the right side of the tang and rough inletting under the receiver sight on the right side. There is also a general scattering of scratches and impressions. The scope is clear and viable, with a bit of visible debris. Eye relief is short, approximately two inches. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,750 plus shipping.


Whitworth .375 H&H Magnum, three-leaf express sights, attractive walnut, 97 percent

Whitworth (Interarms) Mauser 98 .375 H&H Magnum. Well appointed and properly presented, serial number B271658 features a 24-inch heavy sporter barrel with ramp front sight, barrel-mounted sling swivel stud, island express rear sight with one standing and two folding leafs marked 100/200/300 yards, Weaver bases, two-position side thumb safety and steel bottom metal with inside-the-bow release button. The walnut stock is nicely figured and begins with an ebony forend tip, wears wrap-around checkering at 22 lines-per-inch and is sided with an English (pancake) cheekpiece. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.4 pounds and length of pull is 13.75 inches. CONDITION: The bore is bright and shiny. Polished metal finish is about 97 percent, with a bit of thinning at the muzzle and several small areas of either stock finish or congealed oil where wood meets metal. Wood finish is also about 97 percent, as only a few minor field impressions are present. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,150 plus shipping.


Winchester Model 61 .22 Magnum, 348754A, seldom fired, 98 percent

Winchester Model 61 .22 Magnum (WMR) with grooved receiver. Serial number 348754A has a 24-inch round barrel. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.0 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.5 inches. CONDITION: All original. Bore is strong. Metal finish is 98 percent, with a trace of thinning spots on the barrel. The receiver is also about 98 percent, with one light rub on the left side and a trace of freckling, mostly on the guard. Wood is 99 percent, with one scratch on the left side of the slide nose. Butt stock is very proud to the receiver and plate. The price is firm and layaway is available. $2,500 plus shipping.


Winchester pre-64 Model 70 .375 H&H Magnum Super Grade, 1955, restocked and restored to 98 percent overall condition

Winchester pre-64 Model 70 Super Grade .375 H&H Magnum. Made in 1955 and wonderfully restored, serial number 372143 features a 25-inch heavy sporter barrel with hooded ramp front sight and island rear sight with two folding leafs. The action has a jeweled bolt body, extractor and follower, and the floorplate is marked “Super Grade”. The stock features inletted sling swivels, cheekpiece and a Winchester recoil pad. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.8 pounds and length of pull is 13.65 inches. CONDITION: Bore is bright and strong. As restored, metal finish is at least 95 percent, with thinning near the muzzle from cases and carry. As restocked, wood finish is 99 percent and wood integrity is 98 percent, with one small impression on the left side at the upper rear point of the forearm checkering and another near the left rear of the cheekpiece. The price is firm and layaway is available. $3,500 plus shipping.


Winchester Model 1876 Deluxe .50 Express (.50-95), engraved, ebony, shotgun butt plate, 26-inch round & matted, 1881, Cody letter

Winchester Model 1876 Deluxe .50 Express (.50-95) with Cody letter. Made in 1881, serial number 19556 features a 26-inch round barrel with beaded front sight, elevator rear sight, half magazine, color case action, pistol grip with ebony inlay, sling loops and a checkered shotgun butt plate with widow’s peak. The wood is exceptional, both forearm and butt shot through with a dynamic sunburst of dark grain graced with fine wrap-around bordered checkering. LETTER: Dated 7/19/99, the Cody letter list most features, then adds the comment “see order for balance”. ENGRAVING: Not referenced in the letter, what appears to be factory engraving highlights the forearm cap, sides and rear of the hammer, and sides and bottom of the lever. MARKINGS: A “P” and “123” appear on the underside of the barrel (under the forearm wood). Of note, there are no proof marks in this area to indicate the rifle was shipped to India or Africa. Also hidden, the front of the action has a mark best described as a “T” inside a “W”. “Winchester Repeating Arms New Haven CT” and “King’s-Improvement-Patented (and dates)” appear as two lines within the full-length matting on top of the barrel. “50” and “Cal.” appear on opposite sides of the matting at the base of the barrel. “Winchester Express” and “.50 Cal. 95 Grains” appear in two lines on the sliding dust cover, and “50-95” is engraved on the bottom of the carrier. “Model 1876” appears on the tang and the serial number is just below the lever lock. CONDITION: Engraving and markings are sharp. The bore is browning with a light scattering of roughness, but remains wonderfully viable. Barrel blue has thinned to about 40 percent, with some areas of surface roughness toward the muzzle. Action colors have browned to about 30 percent, yet the surface is absent any significant flaws. The lever locks up tight and the action operates with authority. Checkering shows minimal flattening and wood finish is both uniform and strong. Both stock and forearm have a scattering of small nicks and impressions. The stock as a small hairline of about .25-inch on the pistol grip between the tang and the grip’s ebony inlay. The butt plate is without issue. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.8 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.75 inches. INCLUSIONS: Cody letter and photocopy of order book sheet. The price is firm and layaway is available. $27,500 plus shipping.


Jack O’Connor’s Colt National Match Mid-Range .38 Special, factory letter confirms direct shipment, 99 percent condition

For many hunters and shooters old enough to lament the gray in their beard, the legendary Jack O’Connor still stands as the foremost authority on all things related to firearms. O’Connor is the sheep hunter’s sheep hunter, one of the earliest winners of the prestigious Weatherby Award and the famed nemesis of a big-hatted cowboy named Elmer. Gone from us now some 40 years, O’Connor is still widely remembered as the champion of the .270 Winchester cartridge and, in error, as the fellow who originally hung the phrase “Grand Slam” on the taking of all four species of North American wild sheep.

O’Connor was a rifleman, to be sure, and was also pretty handy with a shotgun. He even went so far as to order a Colt National Match Mid-Range .38 Special and tell his friend, Henry Kaufman, “I thought sometime I might want to do a little target shooting“. He wrote about this pistol in his Getting the Range column that appeared in the February, 1966 issue of Outdoor Life.

Jack never used the Colt very much and sold it Kaufman in the mid-1970s. Henry eventually let someone talk him out of the pistol, and in turn was purchased by the current owner in 1994. It is supported by a Colt factory letter confirming direct shipment to O’Connor on March 26, 1965. As such, it is a legitimate piece of shooting history.

CONDITION: Serial number 4874-MR includes the original magazine, Elliason adjustable rear sight, flat mainspring housing and remains in at least 99 percent overall condition. Only light indications of handling and range wear are present.

DOCUMENTATION: A Colt factory letter provides ironclad proof of original ownership. A black and white photograph of the pistol with serial number and “Colt National Match cal. .38 Sp. WC. This was the only pistol I ever bought from Jack O’Connor” on reverse. The photo is attached to a signed letter dated July 3, 1992, from Henry Kaufman to Bob Cunningham (the second purchaser) discussing the pistol and its sale. In turn, Cunningham added notes to this letter on January 29, 1994, when he acknowledged the sale to the present owner. Finally, a letter from Kaufman, dated “July 3”, supports Kaufman’s primary document in casual form. All documents, including a photocopy of the February 1966 issue of Outdoor Life are included. Additionally, the present owner will prepare a personalized letter to the purchaser detailing the pistol’s history upon request.

INCLUSIONS: One additional aftermarket magazine. No box or papers. The price is firm and layaway is available. $6,000 plus shipping.


Freedom Arms .454 Casull, 7.5-inch, fixed sight, removable forcing cone, Hogue micarta grips, 98% condition

Freedom Arms .454 Casull with 7.5-inch barrel and fixed sight. Serial D9352 is an earlier example that remains unmarked with grade. Features include removable forcing cone and Hogue one piece micarta grips with finger grooves. CONDITION: Cylinder locks up tight and trigger appears to be tuned. Metal surfaces remain in at least 98% condition, with light indicatons of wear and carry showing mostly along the ejector rod. Grips have a wear spot in the surface finish immediately behind trigger guard and a hairline crack on the right side just behind the trigger. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,600 plus shipping.


Browning Superposed .410, 26.5-inch SK/SK, RKLT, 1966

Browning Superposed .410 with 26.5-inch barrels choked SK/SK. Serial number 1605J6 is a round knob, long tang configuration made in 1966. Features include ejectors, mechanical safety, and raised vent rib with single (brass) bead. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.15 inches and drops are 1.5 and 2.2 inches. Cast off is approximately .25-inch. CONDITION. Barrels are solid on face and bores are bright. Ejectors would launch a rocket into shallow orbit. Metal surfaces appear to have been refinished, as bluing is nearly 100 percent overall and marking edges have slightly softened. (Notes from the consigning estate suggest that the finish is original.) Wood finish appears to be original and shows at about 97 percent with only the slightest evidence of crazing. Wood integrity is about 95 percent. The forend shows two heavy grain lines on each side near the receiver that might have been hairline cracks. If so, they appear to have been stabilized prior to the original finish being applied. The stock has tiny varnish cracks on each side just above the trigger that might betray existing hairlines in the wood. These would likely disappear if stabilized. The original buttplate is about 98 percent. The price is firm and layaway is available. $4,500 plus shipping.


Browning Superposed Lighting Pigeon Grade 20 gauge, 28-inch IC/F, 3-inch, 1967, box.

Browning Superposed Lightning Pigeon Grade 20 gauge. Made in 1967, serial number 47528V7 features 28-inch barrels choked IC/F, 3-inch chambers, single (silver) bead on vent rib, ejectors, mechanical safety, thumb safety/selector and is the round- knob, short-tang configuration. ENGRAVING: Each side of the action displays a pair of flying pigeons in a field of scroll. The bottom of the action continues the same scroll, yet it surrounds two large bouquets. Oak leaves begin on either side of the opening lever and continue along along the sides just above the barrels. The scroll pattern also follows along the forend furniture, guard, opening lever and tang.  DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.15 inches over the correct buttplate. Drops are 1.5 and 2.25 inches, and cast off is approximately .375-inch. CONDITION: Barrels are properly on face and bores sparkle with Belgian goodness. Exterior barrel finish and condition is about 97 percent, with only slight indications of use. Action finish is also 97 percent. Wood finish is nearly 100 percent and wood integrity is about 95 percent, with two small impressions on the forend, a small rough spot just right of the opening lever and a scattering of small field impressions on the butt – mostly along the toe line. The faintest indication of crazing shows on the butt. The buttplate is nearly pristine. Careful inspection shows no evidence of salt curing. BOX: The original box remains in fine condition and includes the “Lighter Than Lightweight” hanging tag. The end label is correct. The price is firm and layaway is available. $5,000 plus shipping.


Webley & Scott Model 700 12 gauge, 26-inch IC/M, ejectors, 14.5 LOP, 6.2 pounds, 1975

Webley & Scott (Birmingham) Model 700 12 gauge with 26-inch barrels choked IC/M. Made in 1975, serial number 144179 features ejectors, automatic safety, swamped game rib with single (brass) bead, English stock, splinter forend and color case boxlock action. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.2 pounds. Length of pull is 14.5 inches and drops are 1.5 and 2.15 inches. Cast off is slight, about .25 inch. CONDITION: Little fired. Bores are bright and shiny. Barrels are fully on face with opening lever camped to the right. Ejectors pop with authority. Barrel blue is at least 99 percent. Receiver colors are vivid, at least 95 percent with the loss confined to the edges. Blue on the guard and tang is about 90 percent. Wood integrity and finish is 99 percent. The price is firm and layaway is available. $2,500 plus shipping.