Sportsman’s Legacy™ incorporated in 2015, but it was a long time coming. The concept originated in 1982, when founder Dwight Van Brunt began attending gun shows and auctions in search of firearms, sporting collectibles and vintage hunting books for his personal collection.

Dwight discovered that desirable items were often lost among the clutter and supported by inaccurate descriptions. “Valuations were all over the place, both high and low,” Dwight recounted. “The market had very little order and sellers without strong product knowledge were at its mercy. I became determined to develop a better way to market these products, to showcase them nationally so their full value could be realized.”

It wasn’t long before Dwight discovered the most lucrative market was found in the pages of Shotgun News and The Gun List, as well as at the major national auctions. “I dove in at the deep end of the pool.” Dwight remembered. “Things then began falling into place, and Sportsman’s Legacy is the end result.”


“Absolute client satisfaction is what matters,” Dwight Van Brunt is fond of repeating. “I founded Sportsman’s Legacy with the singular goal of outperforming every client’s expectations.”

Some collectors know the current market value of their items. Others, particularly those representing estates, can only guess. This leads to acceptance of well-intended but inexperienced advice or much worse – entrusting valuables to someone not always focused on gaining the best results. Sportsman’s Legacy protects clients from taking this risk.

“One of my primary responsibilities is to determine the true value of every item,” Dwight continued. “I take great pride in providing a service that can have such an impact on a client’s financial well being, especially those who would otherwise be at the mercy of the market.”

From the initial consultation to final dispersal, Sportsman’s Legacy is committed to the client’s best interest. “This is my company,” Dwight summarized. “The client’s needs will always come first.”

“Absolute client satisfaction is what matters.”

Dwight Van Brunt Biography

Dwight Van Brunt became one of the first Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation employees in 1985, with responsibility for overall marketing as well as securing items for their national auctions. “I’m a dedicated hunter-conservationist, unwavering second amendment advocate, life member of both the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International, and a Professional Member of the Boone and Crockett Club. Raising money on the national stage to benefit wildlife habitat and defend gun rights has always been an important component of my career.”

After six years with the RMEF and three more handling the marketing for Burris, Dwight accepted the position as Vice President–Marketing & Sales for Kimber. “I was with Kimber for nearly 20 years and had a wonderful time helping them become a market leader. At the same time, I began representing many gun writers, industry professionals, individuals and estates in the acquisition and sale of their firearms and sporting collectibles.”

In 2015, Dwight decided the time was right to launch Sportsman’s Legacy, a company offering an unequaled level of professional services to individuals, estates and nonprofit organizations wishing to orderly monetize firearms and sporting collectibles. While the services available through Sportsman’s Legacy take many forms, the primary goal is alway the same – ensuring the client realizes the maximum value from every item.

“The response was staggering,” Dwight admits, with no small measure of pride. “Several major collections and estates arrived in the first few weeks and the Boone and Crockett Club asked me to handle member donations. Not long after, the Wild Sheep Foundation and the Dallas Safari Club Foundation came on board. These conservation organizations were soon joined by USA Shooting.” It is evident that the concept of Sportsman’s Legacy had met a significant demand. “I’m extremely proud of what Sportsman’s Legacy has accomplished, and quite honestly staggered by the contributions this company is poised to make in the future.”