Parting with firearms can be difficult, for their value often extends well beyond the tangible. Firearms can connect us with generations past and prompt recollections of being young and dreaming of adventure. Their simple presence might bring on a flood memories of magical days afield, a grand trophy or a favorite dog. At Sportsman’s Legacy, we understand.

Sportsman’s Legacy is prepared to become your partner in every aspect of the monetization process. We will present a plan that meets both needs and circumstances, assist with the challenges of transportation and carefully research the value of every item. Of course, the client always has the last word regarding price.

Sportsman’s Legacy also assists with estate planning, as many clients do not wish to take immediate action. Rather, they want to establish a plan for orderly monetization at some point in the future. We welcome these opportunities and ensure that  the entire process will be conducted according to your wishes.

“Sportsman’s Legacy stands ready to become your marketing partner…”

Items consigned for the benefit of a nonprofit organization are handled in the same manner. Proceeds are either returned to the client so direct donations can be made or forwarded to the organization in name. Sportsman’s Legacy also has the unique ability to partner with organizations in the planning and execution of fundraising campaigns. Assisting with this virtually untapped funding source is a cornerstone of our services.

Another important reason to choose Sportsman’s Legacy is the absence of sales tax. Due to our Montana location, sales taxes are not charged. In many instances, items shipped from Montana are also not subject to a sales tax collection when received in another state. This means customers are more likely to pay full market value, rather than handicapping the purchase price, and client proceeds increase accordingly. A similar advantage should be noted regarding the buyer’s premium charged by auction houses.

Finally, Sportsman’s Legacy presents exclusively to the national market so the maximum value of every item can be realized. Comprehensive descriptions and fine photography professionally showcase each item to its greatest advantage.

Quite simply, Sportsman’s Legacy is the finest marketing partner you will find when it comes time to monetize fine firearms, sporting collectibles, books and related items. We invite you to contact us for additional information and look forward to being of service.