The primary reason Sportsman’s Legacy is the first choice of collectors, estate representatives and nonprofit organizations seeking professional market representation is the reputation of founder Dwight Van Brunt. A 40-year marketing veteran of the firearm and hunting industry, Dwight has a proven history of successful representation among gun and hunting writers, magazine editors, firearms industry professionals, investors and collectors relating to the sale of their firearms and sporting collectibles. A unique combination of category knowledge and honesty has also enabled Dwight to establish a loyal following of clients and gain their referrals. These clients frequently entrust to him their rare and historic items. In turn, this has attracted a core group of active collectors who are able to purchase at a moment’s notice.

“Sportsman’s Legacy clients receive a carefully-researched valuation of every item for consideration.”

Sportsman’s Legacy clients receive a carefully-researched valuation of every item for consideration. Once approved, each is presented on the national stage through a variety of proven venues. This circumvents the uncertainty of auctions and avoids improper valuation by a less-experienced dealer or well-intending friend.

Finally, as each client’s circumstance is unique, Sportsman’s Legacy will create a marketing plan that integrates value, timing considerations and secondary wishes.

We are anxious to begin a working relationship and invite you to contact us for additional information.