Since founding Soldier of Fortune Magazine in 1975 and proudly serving on the NRA Board of Directors since 1983, I have been immersed in the firearms industry as in insider. Over these years, I have acquired a significant number of unique and valuable firearms. After making the decision to sell my collection, I contacted several industry confidants for suggestions regarding how best to accomplish my goals. More often than not, they recommended or even insisted that I work with Sportsman’s Legacy and Dwight Van Brunt.

It really didn’t take much arm-twisting, for I’ve known Dwight for nearly 30 years. He is honest and extremely knowledgeable, and I had long suspected Dwight was quietly representing many industry executives, gun writers and gun magazine publishers in the sale of their firearms. When I learned he was the guy who founded Sportsman’s Legacy several years ago, I made the call and Dwight quickly came to pick up my collection. Today, I am totally satisfied with every aspect of Dwight’s services and results. To that end, I recommend Sportsman’s Legacy without the slightest reservation.

Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)Editor, Publisher, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Member - NRA Board of Directors

Following my husband’s passing, I was left with the daunting task of selling the majority of his firearms. A local gun store recommended that I contact Sportsman’s Legacy. Dwight came to my home, helped me identify the guns to ensure the correct ones were retained for family members and suggested a comprehensive plan of action for marketing the balance. Each month thereafter I received payments as the guns sold, and the entire process was concluded over a four-month period. What initially seemed to be an impossible job turned out to be quick and seamless. Dwight’s help, advice and knowledge proved invaluable, and I am more than pleased with the values realized.

Mary A

I’ve trusted Sportsman’s Legacy to handle the sale of some very special firearms from my personal collection. It has always gone smoothly, and once a sale is made the payment is quick to arrive. Moreover, I’ve known Dwight Van Brunt for nearly 20 years and trust him implicitly. He knows how to accurately value and market firearms as good as anyone I’ve ever met, which is one of the reasons so many gun writers and shooting/hunting industry professionals insist on working with him. I’ve also made sure that Sportsman’s Legacy will handle the sale of my entire collection for my wife if needed.

Roy HuntingtonEditor, American Handgunner Magazine

In conjunction with settling my father’s estate as well as my retirement, I decided to part with a large number of firearms – many of which had substantial value. As a reflex, I consigned an initial group to one of America’s most well-known sellers of fine rifles and shotguns. Several months into the consignment a friend, who is the editor of a major hunting magazine, recommended and then introduced me to Dwight Van Brunt and Sportsman’s Legacy. Even though I was not dissatisfied with my current representation, I acted on my friend’s advice and made arrangements to initially consign some fifty firearms. Several hundred more followed. Today, Sportsman’s Legacy gets all my business.

It would be easy to go on and on about Dwight’s knowledge, or how dedicated he is in his painstaking research before pricing. His ability to quickly and discreetly monetize collections, as well as his modest commission structure are a further cause for my unqualified recommendation.  However, it is Dwight’s integrity that I value and appreciate more than any other aspect of his services.

As collectors know, we all have holes in our collections. Dwight has also become my “go to guy” on the buying side as well. It is amazing how many contacts he has, and how he has repeatedly found that special firearm that I just couldn’t find anywhere else.

Use his services with confidence.

Mike L.

I worked closely with Dwight Van Brunt for many years when we were both professionally associated with other companies. Over that time, I became tremendously impressed by his enthusiasm, integrity and possibly unequaled understanding of all things related to firearms sales and marketing. The program he championed raised over $1,000,000 for my former employer. Not only was it the most financially successful when compared to all the others across the entire shooting industry, it also required the least amount of oversight. Dwight just made it happen! 

Soon after I joined the Wild Sheep Foundation, Dwight formed Sportsman’s Legacy and asked if he could be of service. Based on his past performance and knowing of his passion for hunting and wildlife conservation, agreement came easily. I am now looking forward to establishing fundraising campaigns in which Sportsman’s Legacy plays an integral role.

Buddy DuvallExecutive Vice President, Development
Wild Sheep Foundation

Along with the other members of the Boone and Crockett Club’s professional staff, I have known Dwight Van Brunt for nearly 30 years. When he approached us and offered to assist with the monetization of donated items, we quickly agreed to a consignment program and have already netted $48,520 from these sales. Equally important, the values received were significantly greater than anticipated. Based on these results, we intend to work with Dwight and Sportsman’s Legacy for the foreseeable future.

Tony A. SchoonenChief of Staff
Boone and Crockett Club