Outstanding Winston Churchill engraved Winchester Model 12 Pigeon Grade 20 gauge. Consigned by the estate of the original owner, serial 1967907 has a 26-inch ribbed barrel with double beads, fixed WS-1 choke and a 2.75-inch chamber. ENGRAVING: Receiver right provides the backdrop for a brace of bobwhite exploding from tall grass, the left paired doves rising from harvested stalks of corn. Each bird is presented in gold relief and with Churchill’s unequaled detailing. The hunting scenes are surrounded by delicate leafy vine, this supported in turn by secondary bracketing accent fields and intricate borders. The pattern extends across the top of the receiver, over the guard and runs along both ends of the barrel. Featuring a quartering grouse, the grip cap is a masterwork in itself. Churchill’s signature appears under the gold serial number. Bolt and lifter are jeweled. STOCK: Shaped from AAA-grade walnut with a sunburst of heavy figure, the stock is most complimentary yet stops just short of distraction. The recoil pad is faced in leather. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 7.0 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.2 inches. Drops are 1.5 and 2.25 inches, and cast off is approximately .25-inch. CONDITION: The bore is strong and bright. Metal finish (polished blue) is approximately 97 percent  owing to trace tarnishing on the front face of rib and an associated micro-spot on the muzzle. Wood is at least 98 percent. PROVENANCE: Several photographs (signed or inscribed) and a note from Churchill to the client are included. The undated note states this shotgun “will be in the Gun Digest this year“. CASE: An Abercrombie and Fitch zippered case with attached tag stating “Mod 12 20 ga Churchill Engraved & Stocked” is included.