Winchester Model 97 Riot 12 gauge originating from the Omaha Police Department with aluminum stock cast from confiscated and melted-down slot machines. From the collection of Robert K. Brown, this incredible shotgun wears serial number (E) 865775 and is number 14 of an edition of 40 as created by Ford’s Firearms Company of Tucson, Arizona and advertised in Soldier of Fortune one page three of the Fall, 1976 issue (copy included). Features include a 20.4-inch barrel with “Cyl” choke marking. Additional markings include “Omaha Police Department” on barrel left, “46” on the tang and “Omaha Police Dept. No 14) on the buttstock right. Even the original Winchester butt plate is incorporated. CONDITION: The bore is bright and shiny and mechanics appear tight and proper in dry operation. Metal finish is approximately 50 percent with plenty of character. The pump has two proper chips and is also cracked for about 2.5 inches at the right rear. INCLUSION: The Fall, 1976 issue of Soldier of Fortune with a full page ad referencing this special edition of shotguns. The magazine is in excellent condition. LT. COL. ROBERT K. BROWN, USAR (Ret.) has lived a life of incredible adventure. He served as a Green Beret in Vietnam, trained troops from other countries and fought communists alongside them in hotspots around the globe, and has diligently defended the Second Amendment via his long-held seat on the NRA Board of Directors. Brown’s publishing career began when he founded Panther Publications, which later merged into Paladin Press. In 1974, RKB sold his portion of Paladin Press and shortly thereafter founded Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Always willing to use the platforms he created in support of what he believes without the slightest regard for the fallout sure to follow, Brown has been praised and damned in equal parts by those dumbstruck that such a person or personality actually exists. Now 87, RKB has elected to part with a number of his special firearms and memorabilia accumulated over the years. The purchaser of each item will receive a personalized letter from RKB discussing its known history.