Custom single shot mid-grip bolt action pistol in .458 Winchester Magnum. The action marked “T-N-T Arms Wichita and MSP-1P”. Serial number 126P appears on the action and bolt handle. The trigger has been converted to a mid-grip configuration. The aluminum bedding cradle is marked “Power Cu” with the balance covered with bedding compound, so possibly Ron Power Custom work (all or part) and also possibly a prototype given the “P” suffix. No other markings are present. The barrel has provisions for a front sight (now plugged) and is 16-inches long included the Ultra Brake (14.5 inches otherwise). Features include four port Mag-Na-Port, glass bedding on an aluminum block, laminated stock with rosewood forend tip and Weaver bases. This is a live gun with no safety, so likely intended for silhouette. The bolt handle wears a nickel finish and has a hollow bolt knob with two-panel checkering. Ejection with spent cartridges is positive, but loaded cartridges must be withdrawn by removing the bolt handle. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 4.8 pounds. CONDITION: The bore is strong. Metal finish and stock are at least 95 percent.