Szecsei & Fuchs double barrel bolt action repeating rifle in .416 Remington Magnum. Superlative in every respect, serial 004 wears 23-inch stainless steel match grade barrels with a bladed ramp front sight, sling swivel stud and quarter rib with one fixed and two folding leafs (each with a sighting line). The massive titanium action (six lug rear-locking repeater) is topped with a central bridge that serves as the anchor for a quick-release mounting system (30mm rings). The bolt is probably the most impressive piece of metalwork in all of gundom, a single piece of stainless steel lightened with flutes and finished with fine jeweling. Something of a hybrid between claw and clip, each extractor (1.25 inches long), as well as the ejectors, wears bold niter blue. The conventional thumb safety rocks forward to fire and the rear of the bolt shroud houses extended cocking indicators for each barrel. The magazines (two are included) hold four rounds (two rounds per side, plus one in each barrel for a total capacity of six rounds fully loaded) and utilize an ultra-positive “pinch” release system that permits quick operation while ensuring their security. (This also allows the immediate selection of solids or softs by loading each side accordingly and then using the appropriate trigger, an option especially desirable when wading amongst a herd of Cape buffalo.) Finally, in what will surely make the most hardened rifleman wet himself, brass ejects in tandem out either side. Impressive to say the least, and singularly worth the price of admission. WOOD: The stock is every bit as special as the mated metal. Not only is it fashioned from a blank of exceptional walnut, its careful shaping and bold scalloping permits the rifle to shoulder with surprising speed and comfort. Accented with a heavily-marbled forend tip, a generous 26 lines-per-inch borderless checkering pattern is further dressed with fleurs. The scalloped and shadowlined pancake rest is proportioned, shaped and blended to perfection. Additional appointments include an extended lower tang, steel grip cap and an inletted sling swivel stud. Only the choice of recoil pad gives pause, it being more appropriate for a pump shotgun from Montgomery Ward than attached to one of the finest rifles in the world. Thankfully, this shortcoming can easily remedy. DIMENSIONS: Weight, with mount and empty magazine, is 13.4 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.5 inches from the forward trigger. CONDITION: Each bore is strong and bright. Metal finish stands at approximately 97 percent, with scant evidence of use that suggests careful handling even when afield. Wood integrity is approximately 96 percent, with the scattered impressions common to a heavy rifle plus evidence of fumbled bolt insertions.