J. Rigby & Company (London, Paul Roberts era) .416 Rigby Magnum. Created in 1987 by special order for the late Lord Nunburnholme (Mr. Robert’s close friend and Godfather to his daughter), serial 6521 is built on a much-modified and painstakingly refined BRNO CZ magnum action. BARREL: While it is difficult to decide where to begin a proper overview of a rifle that exhibits this degree of quality and has so many nuanced features, the metalwork is what catches the eye and captures the heart in the end. Rigby/Roberts produced just four rifles with octagon barrels (two with a heavy profile and the other pair with a lighter tapering contour (from 1.0 inch to .715-inch). The subject is one of the latter. The barrel begins a scalloped transition into octagon flats 1.175 inches ahead of the massive front ring. The rib rises from the top flat and maintains a consistent .535-inch width to the muzzle. In order to remain parallel to the axis of the bore, the rib gradually increases in height until it stands .050-inch higher above the top flat at the muzzle than it did at the scallop. Amazingly, the front sight base is also machined from the rib and dovetailed to accept a beaded blade front sight. (Two additional sight blades ride under the trap door in the pistol grip cap.) The surface of the rib is serrated for much of its length, broken only by the polished section sporting the maker’s banner. ACTION: The true magnum-length action effortlessly swallows and cycles even live rounds absent the slightest resistance. The rear (square) bridge has been carefully altered to accept Rigby’s superb quick detaching mounting system. Not only does this design return the optic to zero time and again, it is quick to operate and clears the entirety of the ejection port so as not to impede ejection or recharging under pressure. Operation is true controlled-round feeding from the follower (the drop box holds four rounds and the extractor has not been modified to “snap over” a thumbed round). Bolt operation is effortless. The original side safety button and shroud have been replaced for the better with a contoured shroud and three-position wing safety. The bolt handle is straight and contoured so the knob tucks in just right for fast operation. Checkered with five bordered teardrop panels and engraved with a floral tip, no aspect can be improved. The serrated floorplate release button is tucked into a recess just ahead of the trigger guard in such a way that a hunter can run his thumb down the face of the guard without visual confirmation should a situation require opening the floorplate without looking away from big something or other that seems displeased. STOCK: Created by either Mark or Ian Crudginton, the stock is dressed with a wrapping, bordered checkering pattern of 20 lines-per-inch diamonds and properly dimensioned for holding down and tight to enable fast recovery. Integrity is assured by a crossing bolt at the glassed lug, along with twin aluminum bedding pillars. Three recessed sling swivel attachments are present, two in the conventional positions and the third just aft of the pistol grip. The cheek rest is of generous size and accented with both a scalloped edge and shadow line. A trap door cap adds appropriate and meaningful utility. ENGRAVING: Marcus Hunt engraved the legendary adorsed Rigby “Rs” on the trap door, the sighting lines, “Safe” on the shroud and the serial number over the guard each in gold. He also created the ribboned “J. Rigby & Co. 5 King Street. London” address on the rib, circled the front attach screw with “Made In England” and carefully executed the caliber designation on the floorplate. Additional embellishment includes regulation distances (50/100/250) to the blades, “Rigby’s Special .416 Bore For Big Game” over the front ring and sprays of supporting vines as border accents where needed. Company name, serial and caliber also appear on the rings. An initial plate on the toe line remains blank. OPTIC: A Swarovski Habicht 1.5-4.5x20A scope with plex reticle is included and remains is fine condition. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 10.8 pounds with optic. (A mercury tube for recoil reduction has been installed in the butt and weighs approximately 1 pound.) Length-of-pull is 14.3 inches. CONDITION: The bore is strong, with sharp rifling. Metal finish is approximately 85 percent, mostly from thinning at the action (the carry/balance point, likely from sunscreen-covered hands). As refurbished by Paul Roberts, the stock stands at over 90 percent with a scattering of modest field impressions, scuffs and loss at the sling swivel pivot points.