Perazzi SCO 20 gauge pair. Serials 117993 & 117994 have 29.5-inch barrels with solid single-bead ribs, Teague choke tubes (6x each, serialed, SK/IC/IC/M/M/IM, wrenches), 2.75-inch chambers and ejectors. Features include mechanical safeties and single non-select inertia triggers. WOOD: Stocked in spectacular exhibition-grade Turkish walnut, dressings include fine double-bordered wrap checkering and checkered butts. ENGRAVING: Signed by Badillini, each wears delicate bouquet and scroll to full coverage over the action, forend furniture, lever, guard and tangs. Gold accents include gun numbers (3x each), Perazzi shields, “S” safeties and gold-washed triggers. DIMENSIONS: Weights are 7.0 pounds. Lengths-of-pull are 14.85 inches. Drops are 1.5 and 2.3 inches, and casts (off) are each approximately .35-inch. CONDITIONS: Bores are strong and bright, barrels full on face, mechanics operate with enthusiasm and the opening levers rest far right. Metal and wood finishes are approximately 99 percent with but trace suggestions of handling. CASE: A premium leather double takedown case with canvas cover and snaps is included.