Superlative pair of custom Browning Hi-Power 9mms by Terry Tussey. Made for Roy Huntington and the subject of a 8.33-page cover/feature in the 3-4/2009 issue of American Handgunner Magazine, these pistols represent the practical extremes as well as the apex of John Browning’s brainchild. Serial 215RP23589 has a 6-inch KKM Precision barrel. The slide – more correctly “slides” as what you see are two slides flawlessly welded together – is topped with a Novak blade front sight (imbedded circular brass bead) and a Millett adjustable rear sight. The hammer and trigger system was sourced from Cylinder & Slide. This one is on a steel frame, appointed with elegant stippling, finished with hard chrome and (currently, as the ivorys pictured in the article were borrowed) wearing a pair of signed Esmeralda grips. Accuracy? This one is good for 1.5 inches at 25 yards, time and again. Serial 245PZ90782 is based on an aluminum frame and a short “Detective” slide from Argentina covers the 3.8-inch barrel. The sights are green/red fiber optics of low profile. Of course, the curve of the slide wears the same stippling as the big girl’s straps. Possibly the most compelling feature is the SFS trigger system by Cylinder & Slide. Details are in the attached article but for now all that needs to be said is that it is love at first touch. Accuracy? Around 2.0 inches at 25 yards if you squint just right, less than 2.5 if you don’t. CONDITIONS: Both pistols have been carefully handled and remain about 98 percent. The top rear of both grip panels on the long slide have drying cracks. ROY HUNTINGTON has written over 2,500 firearm-related articles since his first effort was published by Guns & Ammo in 1982. While his editing career actually began at Police Magazine, industry-wide recognition came after he was named editor of American Handgunner. Roy became the publisher of American HandgunnerGuns and a host of special editions presented by the Firearms Marketing Group in 2004He remained at the helm of American Handgunner until semi-retirement in 2021. Roy still writes features, a column for American Handgunner and creates a significant amount of video content. His knowledge of all things gun combined with his famous sense of humor shines brightly through all of his work. PROVENANCE: A personalized letter from Roy Huntington will be sent to the purchaser. A copy of American Handgunner Magazine carrying the article is also included.