Merkel Model 126 SxS 12 gauge game gun with detachable 7-pin sidelocks, ejectors and articulated front trigger. Serial 21509 (matching) indicates 1934 manufacture. Chambers retain their original 2.5-inch length. The 28.25-inch barrels are choked F/F and have a single ivory bead. The underside of the action is marked “Harald Nyborg, Odense” (importer). Wood features intricate checkering, an initial plate on the toe line and inletted ebony teardrops. A copy of original production card is included. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds, length-of-pull is 15 inches, drops are 1.7 and 2.6 inches and cast off is approximately .5 inch. CONDITION: Barrels are fully on face and ring like the Bells of St. Mary’s. Both bores are bright and shiny. Barrels and action retain about 85% of what appears to be the original funeral (rust blue) finish, with some thinning on barrels. The forend has an impression on the right side. The stock has a 1-inch splice for added length. intricate checkering, initial plate and ebony teardrops. CASE: A newer oak/leather takedown case with snaps, oiler, ebony cleaning rods and field cover is included. One of the oak borders inside (at muzzle) has splintered and needs to be reattached. The price is firm and layaway is available. $7,500 plus shipping.