Marlin 336DL .30-30 and 1894DL .44 Magnum Deluxe pair with matching serial numbers. Made in 2009 and available only through Remington Premier Dealers, serials 336DL041 and 94DL0041 both feature “fancy American black walnut” stocks (.30-30 with a pistol grip and the .44 Magnum with a straight grip) and a polished blue finish, along with hand assembly and tuning. Barrels are 20 inches long and wear open sights (front sight hoods, folding rear blades). Receivers are drilled/tapped. Sling swivel studs and recoil pads are present. The 336DL has Micro-Groove rifling. DIMENSIONS: Weights are 6.8 pounds (.44 Magnum) and 7.8 pounds (.30-30). Lengths-of-pull are 13.75 inches. CONDITIONS: Both are new and unfired since factory proof. The 336DL forearm has trace streaking (under the finish) at the left rear. The 1894DL has a micro-scratch on receiver right and a faint finish streaking on receiver left (visible only under certain light and angle, likely from final polishing texture variance). INCLUSIONS: Each rifle is packed in a Doskocil molded case with special “Marlin Deluxe Rifle” cardboard sleeve. The original labeled shipping oversleeves as well as the Certificates of Authenticity, manuals, hammer extensions, locks and one copy each of the factory description letter (general, not serialed) and promotional flyer are present.