Luftwaffe Drilling serial 337541 by J.P. Sauer & Sohn.The 12 gauge barrels have 2.5-inch chambers and are choked F/F. Features include scalloped boxlock action, extractors, three cocking indicators, barrel selector, bead front sight fitted in a matted rib, flip-up rear sight (rises when safety is moved forward, marked for 100 meters), sling loops and Sauer butt plate. Screws are timed. MARKINGS: The Luftwaffe eagle and swastika appears on the right butt as well as the right shotgun barrel in large format. Maker’s name collars the shotgun chambers and “9.3 x 74 R” appears in the rib hollow. ENGRAVING: Action sides and bottom wear 30% coverage of light scroll, the pattern continuing over the forend furniture, top lever, grip cap and screws. The maker’s name appears in script on both sides and the logo “S” dominates the bottom of the receiver. The safety “S” is also in bold script, and the S/S mark of the maker dominates the butt plate. Finally, the serial is engraved on the tang. Thankfully, an importer’s mark is absent. CONDITION: Bores are bright and flawless. Color case is at least 75%. Barrel blue is about 80%, with some uniform thinning. Wood finish is about 90% and wood condition about 85%, with scattered impressions and a scratch on the left side of the forend. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.0 pounds. Barrels are 25.5 inches long and length-of-pull is 14 inches. No case, papers or accessories.