Kimber of Oregon Model 82 Centennial .22 LR. Imagined during the time Kimber stood at the pinnacle of the production rifle world, the Centennial was to be, and in point of fact turned out to be, the finest rimfire the firm ever produced. Commemorating the centennial year of the .22 LR cartridge in 1987, 100 of these rifles were to be created. However, Kimber’s factory engraver, the late Larry Peters, has been quoted as saying only 40 were completed. (Mr. Peters was known for keeping detailed records of every rifle he engraved, giving this number significant validity.) Centennial C12 of 100 is based on a Model 82 action with a 22-inch match grade barrel and polished blue. ENGRAVING: Peter’s delicate style is particularly well-suited for a rimfire and begins with an oval centered over the chamber bearing the legend “Centennial of .22 LR 1887-1987”. The receiver, bottom metal, trigger guard, magazine and rings wear a delicate floral scroll with fine sculpted borders. The serial number is also engraved and the entirety of the presentation is highlighted with French gray. Mr. Peters signature, along with “FEGA” (Firearms Engravers Guild of America) appear discretely on the left rear of the receiver. STOCK: Crafted from a specially-selected blank of AAA-grade English walnut, the classic sporter stock wears an ebony forend tip, 24 lines-per-inch wrap checkering, pedestaled bottom metal, skeleton grip cap, skeleton butt plate with widow’s peak, inletted (Howell-type) sling swivel studs and a scalloped cheek piece with shadow line. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The bolt knob is checkered with twin bordered teardrops and all screws are timed. OPTIC: A Leopold Vari-X 3-9 Compact with Duplex reticle is mounted in the engraved Kimber double lever rings. CASE: The original wood Centennial case (numbered to the rifle), along with the accuracy target, manual and cardboard oversleeve is included. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds with bases and length-of-pull is 13.6 inches. CONDITION: Metal finish is all but 100 percent. Wood is at least 98 percent, the slight loss on account of several minor handling impressions. The crate is 98 percent, with one small area of felt loss and another of tearing.