Kimber of Oregon Model 89 Big Game Rifle Founder’s Edition .375 H&H Magnum. BACKGROUND: During 1987, Kimber of Oregon owner’s Jack and Greg Warne elected to expand from making only rimfire (Model 82) and short-action centerfire (Model 84) rifles. In order to accomplish this an injection of funding was required, so a private placement stock offering was established. The initial outline was to offer at least $1.5M of stock with a minimum investment of $50K per individual. Those investing would be deemed “Founders” and part of their consideration was a Founder’s Edition Model 89 Big Game Rifle in a caliber of their choosing. While the initial edition size was intended to be 14 rifles, only eight were ever produced (according to detailed records kept by Kimber factory engraver, the late Larry Peters). The subject rifle is the second to be created (as designated by its serial number – FE-2). DESCRIPTION: Wearing a heavy sporter barrel sans provisions for open sights, the rifle adopts a general SuperAmerica configuration. The metal wears a polished blue finish and the action the standard capacity (3+1, the full-length claw extractor easily snapping over a hand-fed round). Mounts for Kimber rings are integral (square bridged) with the receiver. The safety is a three-position (similar to a Winchester Model 70). The action, of course, is a true controlled-round feeding design – a hybrid of the Mauser Model 98 and the Winchester pre-64 Model 70. STOCK: Crafted from a specially-selected AAA-grade English walnut blank accented with an ebony forend tip and 24 lines-per-inch multi-point wrap checkering, appointments include recessed (Howell-type) sling swivel studs, scalloped cheek rest with shadow line, steel grip cap and a satin finish. ENGRAVING: Larry Peters centered the bust of a roaring grizzly in a circular French gray field, bordered it with gold wire and accented the balance of the bottom metal with bordered and shaded vine. The pattern continues over the receiver and the double lever rings (1-inch medium). The bolt knob is hand-checkered with four panels plus a starburst and the action screws have received similar attention. Signatures of both Jack Warne and Greg Warne are reproduced on gold on either side of the chamber, “Kimber Big Game Rifle” circles the grizzly bust and “Founders Edition, 1 of 14” boldy rides the barrel. Peter’s signature is engraved on the tang (under the shroud). DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.6 pounds and the length-of-pull is 13.5 inches. CONDITION: Unfired and nearly pristine with only minor indications of careful handling, the exception being cracking and darkening on the right side of the recoil pad. INCLUSIONS: The original factory hard case (designated by the affixed Kimber label), box end label (separate from the case), and papers are present. The price is firm and layaway is available. $10,000 plus shipping.