Kimber LAPD SWAT Custom II .45 ACP, one of seven pistols from the first production overrun. Following extensive testing in 2001 and 2002, LAPD SWAT selected a modified version of the Kimber Custom II as their duty pistol. The initial order was delivered in 2002. Seven complete pistols remained as overruns and were sold to Kimber employees. This pistol, serial number KLA114279, is one of the seven. It remains new and unfired. Special markings include “LAPD SWAT CUSTOM II” on slide right and serial number K (Kimber) LA (Los Angeles) 114 (SWAT radio code), followed by a unique three-digit number. INCLUSIONS: Molded prop pistol from the movie SWAT as gifted to a former Kimber employee, correct SureFire tactical light as issued by LAPD SWAT with the Kimber pistols (Dawson mount not included) and the Kimber factory hard case with correct end labels and all literature. CONDITION: The pistol is new and unfired. The prop pistol is pristine and the SureFire light remains sealed in its original packaging.