W.J. Jeffery (London) .500 Jeffery. Serial 40637 is an extraordinary dangerous game rifle that stands as testament to the storied maker’s visceral understanding of its intended purpose. The tapering 23-inch heavy barrel (.750 muzzle diameter) wears a banded front sight with forward-folding hood, stippled tapering ramp, serrated flat, brass-beaded blade and a pop-up moon bead. Tipping the hat to recoil, a banded sling swivel stud is seamlessly integrated a respectful distance from the forearm’s tip. A tapering stippled quarter rib secures three drift-adjustable express blades in a serrated flat (one fixed and two folders, optimistically engraved 50/100/200), each with a filed face to void glare and a gold sighting line for quick, positive alignment. The massive Mauser single square bridge magnum action features a three-position wing safety, long backswept bolt handle, checkered bolt knob (two bordered opposing panels) and a drop box magazine the size of a horse trough. Even the Recknagel trigger has a serrated face – for sweaty hands are the rule when a hunter closes with the grand old bull of his dreams. Primary metal finish is, of course, polished rust blue while the follower, extractor and bolt release spring flare with niter. In elegant contrast the shroud, crossbolt, floor plate, ERA trap door grip cap and inletted sling swivel stud are color case.  STOCK: Shaped to perfection from a stunning exhibition grade English walnut blank, formalities include 26 lines-per-inch wrap checkering with partial mullered borders and a single accenting diamond on the forearm belly, scalloped cheek rest with shadow line and a leather-wrapped recoil pad. The trap door holds a replacement double-bead front sight blade with niter base and the butt cradles a mercury cylinder to dampen the rifle’s most sincere recoil. For additional integrity, the action beds down on metal pillars. MARKINGS: “W.J. Jeffery & Co. London England” is centered on the barrel. “Cal .500 Jeffery” dominates the front ring. “NP .500 07” shows just under the rib on barrel right. The safety “S” with arrow, serial on the guard and caliber on the trap door are each engraved in gold. Both barrel and action are serialed below the wood line and the stock is serialed in the channel. Initials “TDH” appear on the toe line shield. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 11.0 pounds and the length-of-pull is 15.0 inches. HISTORY: Unknown. CONDITION: Never afield, condition crowds 100 percent with only trace indications of handling. No accessories are present. The price is firm and layaway is available. $40,000 plus shipping.