Jack O’Connor’s personal .416 Rigby Magnum on a Brevex Magnum Mauser action with metalwork by Tom Burgess and stock by Bob Johnson. Supported by flawless documentation, serial 66179 is a magnificent piece of hunting history which can rightfully command the rack-center position from any of the world’s the finest firearm collections. O’Connor used this rifle to take his only elephant, finest lion and last Cape buffalo. Features include a 24-inch barrel with ramped front sight, “sweated on” barrel-mounted sling swivel stud and island rear sight with adjustable fixed leaf. The stock begins with an ebony forend tip that transitions into a properly shaped and dimensioned forearm, and the butt has a gracefully scalloped and shadowlined cheekpiece. Checkering is fine, a borderless pattern that wraps around the forearm and panels the grip, each area in turn accented with arrows. The pistol grip ends in a checkered metal cap and the stock concludes in a one-inch pad mounted on a widow’s peak plate. The action itself features a jeweled bolt body and follower, straight bolt handle with two checkered teardrops,  two position wing safety and a Canjar trigger. Weight is 10.4 pounds and length of pull is 13.5 inches. CONDITION: Overall condition is at least 95%, with some evidence of field service. The bore shows strong and bright. Blue is beginning to thin in spots. DOCUMENTATION: Copy of letter from O’Connor dated 3/1/73 regarding the preliminary sale of this rifle to the present owner, stating his intentions to use the rifle on safari later that year. (In fact, the rifle had been promised to another who delayed picking it up. Just after this letter was written, the fellow wanted to close the sale and Jack agreed. Some years later, the current owner tracked the rifle down and managed to complete his purchase.) The purchaser will receive a letter detailing specifics and history, and the following inclusions. PUBLICATIONS: Photocopy of Outdoor Life 1/70 feature Elephants on the Zambezi which chronicles bringing this rifle into play on elephant. It also mentions the scope, a Weaver 2.5x that still remains mounted and capable of service. Photocopy of Outdoor Life 2/70 feature Cliff-Hanging Lion covers the .416’s use on his best lion and also makes reference to the Weaver scope. Photocopy of Outdoor Life 1/70 column One-Rifle Safaris that makes several references to the rifle. Photocopy of Hunting Guns 1991 (annual by Outdoor Life) feature A Full House On Lions with references to the rifle. Photocopy of Gun Notes, Volume 1, and a “letter” circa 1970 from O’Connor to Truman Fowler (who published Elmer Keith’s Safari) stating he had only owned two .416s (meaning Rigby Magnums). The subject rifle is the second of those. True copy of Gun Digest 1970 which carries the story The Killing Power Controversy and a one half page photo treatment of the subject rifle that details features and handloading information. PHOTOGRAPHS: Spectacular color 8×10 print of O’Connor, the rifle and his last Cape buffalo. B&W 8×10 print of the rifle resting across the boss of the last buffalo (Zambia, 1969). Color 8×10 and 5×7 prints of Jack with his only elephant. Although taken with the .416, he is holding his wife’s rifle in the photo. Color 5×7 print of O’Connor with his finest lion. In this image, Jack is cradling the rifle. Wonderful 8×10 print of O’Connor and his best lion, the rifle appearing in detail in the foreground. Several (color and B&W) studio images of the rifle, no doubt intended for publication. B&W 5×7 studio print of Rigby (brand) ammunition which appears in the O’Connor’s book The Hunting Rifle. AMMUNITION: Rigby – 28 vintage rounds of yellow/black box .410-grain solids. Rigby – 7 vintage rounds of brown box hollow points. HANDLOADS: partial box of .378 Weatherby Magnum formed to .416 Rigby with Jack’s handwritten (faint) loading information.