Holland & Holland Royal 12 gauge self-opener with single (mechanical) trigger. Made in 1964 per history letter, it features 28-inch barrels choked IC/M, 2.75-inch chambers, ejectors, detachable sidelocks, concave (game) rib, rolled trigger guard and bright nickel finish. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds and length-of-pull is 14.9 inches. Drops are 1.6 inches and 2.6 inches, and cast off is approximately .375-inch. CONDITION: Condition is superb, with metal being about 98% and wood about 97% with light field and storage impressions. Engraved to indicate it is the Number 1 of a pair, there is no mention of pairing in the history letter. At some point, the stock was slightly shortened (originally indicated LOP was 15.68 in history letter). Tight on face, lightly hunted and little fired. Includes trunk case with proper labels.