Dakota Arms Model 10 .270 Winchester. Hand-selected by one of Dakota’s major distributors for his personal collection, serial SS0827 remains unfired. A singularly superb example, it wears jaw-dropping Bastogne walnut which is in turn accented with graceful borderless checkering, hand-rubbed oil finish and a steel grip cap. The 23-inch light sporter barrel has a banded sling swivel stud and Talley bases. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.6 inches. ACCURACY: Dated 9/26/06, the included factory test target shows three shots with a center-to-center spread of .640-inch from 130-grain Ballistic Tip ammunition at a distance of 100 yards. CONDITION: New and unfired. INCLUSIONS: Talley bases, test target, Certificate of Ownership (blank) and the original plastic shipping case (no end label).