Magnificent bespoke .416 Rigby Magnum on a Prechtl Magnum Mauser action. Completed over the course of six years and bearing the unmistakable lines of a classic Rigby, serial number 0684 is a joint creation of three outstanding craftsmen. BARRELED ACTION: Ordered directly from Gottfried Prechtl (Germany) in 2001, the single square bridge magnum Mauser action is fitted with a 24-inch Lothar Walther barrel (tapering to .710-inch at the muzzle) wearing an integral front ramp, banded sling swivel stud and quarter rib. The front ring of the action is rounded over the sides and then turns to flow forward for a flawless transition into the rib. Additional Prechtl features include a Mauser-style “turn-over” safety, straight bolt handle, Recknagel trigger and a Rigby-style floorplate with a serrated inside-the-bow release button. Magazine capacity is four rounds (not 4+1). Feeding/extraction/ejection is magically smooth and single rounds can be thumbed into the chamber with the extractor closing over sans hesitation. The front sight blade itself is removable from the ramp and the brass bead is properly augmented by a flip-up moon sight. The quarter rib secures a fixed express blade and two folding leafs (marked “200 YDS” and “300 YDS”), each with a gold sighting line. STOCK: Dennis Smith shaped the stock from an exceptionally strong-grained English blank. Appointments include 24 lines-per-inch checkering (wrapping over the forearm and panels on either side of the grip) with partially-mullered borders, twin crossing bolts, scalloped pancake cheek rest with a wrapping shadow line, pedestaled bottom metal, steel grip cap, Howell-type inletted sling swivel stud on the toe line and a Silvers pad. The satin finish provides the perfect subtile accent to each feature and transition. METAL: Lon Paul had the final say with the metal, perfecting the corners and surfaces, filing the rib and rear bridge and applying the elegant rust blue. His work was completed in 2006. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 11.2 pounds and the length-of-pull is 14.2 inches. CONDITION: Test fired only and never hunted, the rifle remains in nearly 100 percent condition with scant evidence of handling.