As created in 1983 and fully supported by factory letters, this extraordinary cased pair of Colt Woodsman Match Target .22 LR pistols stands at the very pinnacle of the gunmaker’s craft. Serial 310375-S has a 4.5-inch barrel, while 058030-S wears a 6-inch barrel. Otherwise, as they were mated from inception, the pistols are identical in every respect. ENGRAVING: As flawlessly executed by Colt Master Engraver George Spring, the Grade C (in period Colt-speak, 75 percent coverage by a designated Master Engraver), a delicate floral and scroll extends along the slides, frames and flutes, then repeats on the lugs. In turn, these fields are accented by fine gold wire to such a high level of perfection it defies description. STOCKS: Each pistol showcases target stocks (right hand presentation) shot through with heavy figure. CASE: As lettered, the original walnut presentation case features a French-fitted interior and has the “Colt Custom” medallion inlaid on the outer lid. CONDITION: Near perfect and absent evidence of firing since delivery, only slight indications of handling are present. Magazines are proper. The case exterior has two minor edge impressions and two modest scratches on the lid. Interior is equally fine. (It is possible the case has been relined, as the factory letters seem to indicate lining color “Francis blue”.) Each set of stocks has minor wear (rubs and modest chipping under the finish) on the edges. FACTORY LETTERS: Each pistol is supported by an included individual letter detailing the features as well as the pairing. The price is firm and lawaway is available. $22,500 plus shipping.