Colt Single Action Army .45 Colt. From the estate of Tom Siatos and made in 1958, this early Second Generation revolver wears serial 19597SA (both frame and cylinder). Features include a 4.75-inch barrel and color case frame. The estate attributes the screwless walnut grips and superb action tuning to George Hoenig. CONDITION: The bore is all but new. Barrel blue is about 97 percent with only light holster wear and cylinder blue is about 95 percent with slight traces of turning. Frame colors have softened to about 85 percent and the bluing over the grip frame is about 95 percent. Mechanics, including the clicks, are strong and the cylinder locks up tight. Given the presumed association with Hoenig, along with a very modest softening of the barrel markings and close examination of the grip frame, it is reasonable to assume the revolver was refinished at the same time the other work was completed. TOM SIATOS (1923-2008) spent the majority of his life in close association with firearms and hunting. His professional contributions, tremendous category knowledge, bottomless enthusiasm and bold personality influenced the firearms industry and outdoor media to such a degree that it remains a viable force today. Tom was the second editor of Guns & Ammo Magazine. As such, he was responsible for the general tone of the iconic publication. A consummate hunter, spectacular all-around shot and true connoisseur of fine firearms, his interests spanned the full spectrum of the shooting sports. In 1942, Tom enlisted in the Marine Corps. He served in units that scouted and destroyed isolated enemy communication sites on a number of Pacific islands, eventually receiving a battlefield commission. After concluding his service, he attended UCLA and later joined the fledgling Petersen’s Publishing Company in 1958. A series of promotions led to him to become vice president of the Petersen’s Publishing Outdoor Division, which thrived under his leadership. Tom Siatos was a mentor, visionary, leader, father figure and a true original. We will never see his like again.