Colt Officer’s Model .38 Special. Supported by a Colt history letter, serial number 357290 was engraved at the factory and shipped in 1913. Clearly a special order, the top strap bears gold initials “WB”. (Dr. William Wayne Babcock, 1872-1963, a prominent Philadelphia surgeon known for many procedural advancements of his day. He wrote the well-known Principals and Practices of Surgery, which was in print for many years. This revolver has remained in the Babcock/Jonas family since delivery and is consigned by Dr. Babcock’s grandson.) Features include a 6-inch barrel with adjustable front ramp sight, adjustable rear sight, serrated hammer/trigger/backstrap and checkered walnut grips with deep-set Colt medallions (each grip panel has faint serial number in pencil on the inside). Proper configuration details include two-line address, last patent date of ’05, clockwise-rotating cylinder, left-side sideplate and spectacular high luster blue. Screws wear niter blue. ENGRAVING: Unsigned. An intricate leaf and vine pattern graces the frame and cylinder to approximately 80 percent, riots long both sides of the barrel and reappears on the guard. The rampant Colt logo is integrated on the left sideplate. ADDITIONAL MARKINGS: Bookended by Maltese crosses, “Officers Model 38” appears on barrel left. Serial appears on both frame (along with “E”) and cylinder. CONDITION: The bore is pristine. The cylinder rotates with a smooth consistency and locks drum tight. The balance of mechanics are superb. Metal finish is at least 90 percent overall, with light rubbing at the muzzle and at points along the turning ring area of the cylinder. Minor thinning occurs along the bottom of the barrel and on the circumference of the grip. Occasional minor freckling is observed in some of the cylinder flutes and on the sides of the top strap near the forcing cone. Upon request, the consignor will prepare a personally history letter and mail directly to the purchaser.