Browning Superposed 20 gauge. Made in Belgium during 1966, serial number 42133V6 is a magical shotgun in form, fit and feel. The 28-inch barrels are topped with a double-bead vent rib, choked IC/M, have three-inch chambers and ejectors. Additional features of the celebrated round knob, long tang configuration include an inertia trigger and mechanical safety. The forend wears a 26 lines-per-inch double-bordered continuing pattern with sweeping points and the butt is dressed by an intricate wrapping pattern with accenting points that cascade downward through the grip and flow onto the butt. ENGRAVING: An outstanding example of Angelo Bee’s renowned ability to capture the dynamic of game birds in flight, the action features a total of seven in delicate gold relief. The left side (signed) showcases three flushing quail against and detailed background of a field and rolling hills, the right a brace of exploding roosters and the bottom two individual grouse, one rising and another standing alert. The birds are surrounded in full coverage leaf and scroll with integral bordering accented by gold wire. The pattern extends to the forend hardware, screws (timed), over the guard and along the tang. A small shield with gold initials (TK?) is on the bottom of the guard. The internal facings of the barrels and action have been jeweled. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.4 pounds. Length-of-pull over the Browning butt plate is 14.25 inches. Drops are 1.4 and 1.9 inches and cast off is approximately .20-inch. CONDITION: Thought to be unfired, the bores are pristine. Barrel blue stands at approximately 99 percent, with faint evidence of disassembly and a bit of discoloration over the chambers (likely traces of shading which accidentally rubbed off during engraving). A tiny spot of tarnish appears on the contact area of the top lever. Wood is nearly 100 percent. CASE: The included Browning takedown case (with key and Hunter’s Pocket Guide) is 99 percent.