Borden Accuracy LSH in .338 Remington Ultra Magnum. Jim Borden’s personal rifle, with serial JB-1 and “BA” (Borden Accuracy) engraved on the sides of low 30mm Talley rings, it was made prior to 2001 when the company begin phasing out actions made by Nesika in favor of their own. Features include a 25-inch (27-inch including brake) stainless steel Hart barrel, stainless steel LSH action with spiral-fluted bolt, two-position safety (safe position locks bolt), long bolt handle, aluminum floorplate with inside-the-bow release and skeleton (lightened) magazine box, spectacular trigger and Rimrock stock with impressed checkering and cheekpiece. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.0 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.3 inches. CONDITION: Bore is bright and rifling sharp. Metal finish is about 98 percent, with the majority of what wear seen as tarnishing of the bolt handle. Stock condition is 97 percent as well, with a few scattered field and storage rubs. There are two chips just behind the tang. MARKINGS: “Borden Rifles, 338 Rem Ultra Magnum” on barrel, “Model LSH” and “Borden, Springville PA” on action left, “JB-1” on the right of the front ring and “BA” 4x on the Talley rings.