Winchester Model 94 MPX Saddle Ring Musket movie rifle and RCMP Commemorative prototype. One of just 32 .30-30 rifles made in 1973 for the Canadian movie “Alien Thunder”, serial MPX20 was exported for filming and then reimported by Cherry’s in 1996. This special order group of rifles was as close as Winchester could come at the time to recreate the Model 1886 rifles used during the early years of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. These MPX rifles also served as the prototype for the two RCMP Commemoratives offered circa 1973. Not surprisingly, chambering was .30-30. Features include a 22-inch round barrel with blade front sight, musket-length forearm, flip-up rear sight (elevator), saddle ring and a shotgun butt plate. Metal finish is polished blue and wood finish is satin. SPECIAL MARKINGS: “M.P” is stamped on the right side of the butt and the Cherry’s import marking appears on the underside of the action near the serial. PROVENANCE: Dated July 12, 2016, a letter from Cherry’s to the consignor confirms much of the information presented in this description and will be included with the rifle. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.6 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.25 inches. CONDITION: The rifle appears to be unfired. Metal and wood finishes are approximately 97 percent with scattered trace evidence of handling and a few minor impressions. A plugged sling swivel stud hole shows faintly on the toe line, but appears to be under the original finish. No box is present.