William Evans .450/400 3 1/4 double rifle. Made in 1925, serial number 13361 (3x matching) is a heavily-featured boxlock extractor with 26-inch barrels, Turnover front sight (fine beaded blade with pop-up ivory moon sight in the forward position, heavy ramp when turned to the rear), pedestaled sling loop (1-inch) on lower rib, hand-filed quarter rib securing a rear express sight with one fixed and two folding leafs (each with silver sighting lines, folders marked 200 and 300 yards respectively, common windage-adjustable base), Club Head extension, disc set strikers, automatic safety and full-length lower tang to a steel grip cap. The splinter wears full wrap 24 lines-per inch checkering with a partial double border. The butt is sleek and dimensioned to point quickly. A sling loop and crest appear on the toe line. ENGRAVING: The action, forend latch, opening lever, safety, guard and grip cap are engraved with a well-executed light bordered scroll to approximately 80 percent coverage. The crest is engraved with a pair of lions (one sitting and another as a bust over a crown). DIMENSIONS: Weight is 10.2 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.5inches, drops are 1.6 and 2.1 inches, cast off is approximately .20-inch and the balance point (unloaded) is two inches forward of the hinge. ACCURACY: Consignor has owned the rifle since 1992 and reports 2-inch spreads at 70 yards. CONDITION: The bores are strong and bright. Barrels are on face. All aspects of mechanics appear proper. The barrels were carefully reblued at some point and currently show at approximately 90 percent with but a light softening to the markings. The original action color case stands at approximately 20 percent while bluing over the lower plate and the guard are approximately 50 percent. Wood integrity is solid with condition of approximately 70 percent owing to uniform softening of checkering, light field impressions and thinning finish. The pad has hardened. CASE: A vintage leather and oak takedown case with maker’s label is included, its condition being serviceable and fair. DOCUMENTS: A photocopy of the William Evans build sheet is included.