Skeeter Skelton’s Shooting Times Randall Service Model .45 ACP test pistol. Bearing serial number 02011C, this early Randall was shipped to Jim Bequette (Editorial of Shooting Times) on June 17, 1983 to be used as a review pistol. Bequette assigned legendary handgun writer Skeeter Skelton to pen the feature article that was published in the February, 1984 issue. At the conclusion of the test, Skelton returned the pistol to Bequette where it has since remained. Randall features include what was then a revolutionary stainles steel slide and frame, stainless steel small parts, GI-type sights, checkered hammer spur, arched mainspring housing and checkered wood grips. ACCURACY: Skelton reported five-shot, 25-yard benched groups with four different types of ammunition measuring between one and two inches. CONDITION: The 10-groove bore is bright and shiny. Fits are quite good and mechanics operate properly (dry). Metal finish is approximately 95 percent, this owing primarily to some spots of exterior tarnish. (No effort was made to clean the exterior surfaces, leaving the option for the new owner.) LEATHER: Upon learning of Bequette’s possession of this pistol, John Bianchi forwarded a prototype (so stamped) belt holster. This of course passes with the Randall. INCLUSIONS: A Randall pistol case, photocopies of Skelton’s article, the original Randall shipping invoice, signed letter of provenance from Bequette, period Randall ads/catalogs and original Randall press releases round out the package. SERIAL NUMBER: Thinking ahead nearly thirty years, serial 02011C was selected in hopes the pistol could be used in some special manner during the 1911s centennial.