Ranger Arms Left Hand Texas Magnum 7mm Remington Magnum. Serial 771 (appears on action, bolt and trigger assembly) is an early 1970s semi-custom rifle that features a 23-inch tapering medium sporter barrel, three-lug action with jeweled bolt body and magazine follower, contoured shroud, steel bottom metal, inside-the-bow floor plate release button, crossbolt safety and a wonderfully-tuned trigger. The stock (as well as the action) is reminiscent of the Weatherby design, with an angled rosewood forend tip and flaring grip cap bordered with blonde spacers. It features 24 lines-per-inch borderless checkering and a scalloped roll-over check rest with accented transition lines. The recoil pad bears the Ranger Arms script logo. Simmons (Australia) mounts (1-inch medium rings) are present. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.2 pounds with mounts. Length-of-pull is 13.6 inches. CONDITION: The bore is strong and bright. All mechanical aspects appear to operate properly. Barrel finish (polished blue) is approximately 98 percent. Action finish (matte blue) is also 98 percent, the recoil lug and shroud turning slightly plum. Bottom metal finish (polished blue) is approximately 95 percentage, with slight evidence of thinning. The stock is approximately 97 percent overall, with a modest scattering of tiny impressions. What appears to be a superficial hairline crack shows at the rear attach screw just behind the trigger guard. As it is under the original finish and shallow when examined at the inletting point (with the stock removed), it probably occurred during shaping and was stabilized at that time. Therefore, it remains unobtrusive. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,250 plus shipping.