R.G. Owen 20 gauge sidelock ejector with two original barrel sets. Number 4001 is a spectacular little field gun that has seen but limited use during its pampered lifetime. Two barrel sets are present, each with single beads fronting matted solid ribs, ejectors and 2.75-inch chambers. The 28-inch set is choked C/IM, the 27-inch C/C. The seven pin action was created with Chilton locks and showcases arcaded fences, cocking indicators, elongated sculptured tangs, a Miller nonselective trigger and a mechanical safety. Stocked to the fences in walnut with such dark, rich grain that it presents a nearly sinister elegance, accents include 26 lines-per inch checkering with mullered borders and understated drop points. ENGRAVING: Logically attributed to Rudolph Kornbrath, the delicate unsigned work is of such exemplary quality that it virtually defines bouquet and scroll. Coverage is full over the action, tangs and furniture, with a trio of extensions flowing along each barrel. The initial plate set in the toe line remains blank and inviting. CONDITION: All four bores are strong and bright, and both sets are fully on face. The lever comes to rest nearly centered. Mechanics are positive and superb. Markings are sharp. Rust blue over the barrels, lever, safety, guard and tang is approximately 97 percent. Action colors are at least 70 percent. The splinter is approximately 95 percent, with one small faintly-impressed area in the checkering just ahead of the attachment diamond. The butt is at least 97 percent, with only minor evidence of being afield. DIMENSIONS: Weight is just 6.4 pounds. The balance point (with the 28-inch barrels) is .40-inch forward of the hinge pin. Length-of-pull is 14.3 inches and drops are 1.3 and 2.3 inches. Cast off is nearly absent, possibly .10-inch. INCLUSIONS: Although not befitting, a battered and unmarked oak and leather takedown case with loosening interior is present. A mahogany three-piece rod, accessories and an oil bottle are ensconced. Partial trade for a sub-gauge double will be considered. The price is firm and layaway is available. $27,500 plus shipping.