J. Purdey & Sons (London) .375 H&H Magnum. Made in 2001, rifle number 29783 wears a 23-inch tapering heavy sporter barrel (.765-inch muzzle diameter) fitted with a ramp front sight (stippled approaching face and flat, brass-beaded blade), banded sling loop (accepts .75-inch sling) and an island rear sight base (stippled faces and flat, drift-adjustable assembly with fixed express blade marked “50” and a folder marked “75”, each with a gold sighting line). The double square bridge magnum Mauser action with integral quick-release mounts (30mm medium rings) properly features a long bolt handle (slightly backswept and flared, two-panel checkered knob), three-position wing safety, drop box magazine and an inside-the-bow release button. STOCK: Drawn from an exhibition grade blank of Turkish walnut no doubt selected for its rioting figure and profiled stout, appointments include 26 lines-per-inch wrap checkering with partial Mullered borders, crossbolt, scalloped pancake cheek rest with shadow line, ERA grip cap with trap door and a leather-wrapped recoil pad. The stock wears a hand-polished oil finish and beds on metal pillars. CAPACITY: Four plus one. The extractor snaps over a drop-fed round with minimal pressure. ENGRAVING: The floor plate is graced with delicate bouquet and scroll to the borders, the pattern continuing over the guard and reappearing as accents over the chamber, on the receiver rings, along the bolt handle, over the shroud and finally on the trap. The maker’s name is engraved on both barrel and front ring. The rifle number rides the rear ring and bolt handle. Both the rifle number on the guard and “SAFE” are accented in gold. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 9.2 pounds and length-of-pull is 15.0 inches. CONDITION: The bore is superb to the point of suggesting little use. Mechanics are as solid as the boss on the Cape buffalo the rifle was made to hunt. Feeding/extraction/ejection are effortless. Trigger pull is positive and sharp. Safety glides between the clicks. Metal finish is over 95 percent with light thinning. Wood is approximately 99 percent. The price is firm and layaway is available. $40,000 plus shipping.