Piotti King 1 .410 SLE. Created in 1979, this spectacular little sidelock weighs just 5.4 pounds and feels even lighter due to its near-perfect balance. The barrels are 26 inches long, choked M/F, topped with a raised matted rib and have three-inch chambers and ejectors. Important features include bushed strikers, mechanical safety, articulated forward trigger, splinter forend, leather-wrapped pad and borderless checkering. ENGRAVING: Granetti’s delicate foliate and scroll graces the action, guard, tangs, lever, forend furniture and screws to full coverage. The execution is brilliant as well as appropriate at this scale. “PIOTTI” appears in gold just below the left lock, serial “7411” flows through a ribbon on the lower tang, a gold crown centers on the opening lever and a gold crest with the initials “LeB” is on the splinter. (The initials are small and very shallow, thus permitting easy alteration.) The engraver’s signature appears under the guard. DIMENSIONS: As stated, weight is 5.4 pounds. Length-of-pull is 14.8 inches, drops are 1.6 and 2.4 inches, and cast appears neutral. CONDITION: Lightly handled and almost certainly never hunted, it stands at 99 percent overall with no shortcomings worth even a passing mention. In fact, the snap caps do not appear to have ever been inserted! CASE: The leather and felt-lined case is of the highest quality. It includes an oil bottle, snaps, two-piece cleaning rod and a leather pouch with customary jags and end pieces. The case is also 99 percent. The replacement cost on this shotgun is just over $50,000. The price is firm and layaway is available. $32,500 plus shipping.