Omega III .30-06 by the Omega Rifle Company of Flower Mound, Texas, marked “By H. Koon”. As are all Omega rifles, serial number 546 is highly interesting from a design standpoint and a bit quirky to operate. It features a 24-inch plain sporter barrel, two-piece laminated wood stock with rosewood forend tip and pistol grip cap, solid action with rotary magazine, square bolt head (for short 45-degree bolt lift), jeweled bolt body, checkered bolt knob, crossbolt safety behind trigger guard and an Omega III-marked Pachmayr recoil pad. The cheekpiece and comb seem to be Weatherby-inspired, certainly logical given the production time of approximately 1970. Conetrol bases and medium 30mm rings are also included. CONDITION: The laminated stock is cracked at the rear attach screw and repaired. Given that it appears to be covered by the original finish, it probably originated from the factory in that condition! Bore is strong and bright with sharp rifling. Barrel blue is 97 percent with minor indications of wear. The solid receiver is a uniform and attractive plum and stands at about 99 percent. Bolt handle (silver) has thinned to about 80 percent. Stock finish and integrity are about 98 percent. QUIRKS: Feeding is unusual. When operating the bolt, upward pressure must be placed on the bolt handle (forcing the bolt face down) when beginning the forward stroke in order to pick up a cartridge from the fixed rotary magazine. Lock time seems incredibly fast (in dry operation), as the firing pin is said to only travel about .20 inch. Some suggest Omega III rifles are worth low thousands and others speculate much more – but it is certain that not many examples are available. It seems to be generally accepted that total production was in the high hundreds of units. John Wayne owned one, as did Big Jim Connelly (his was sold at his bankruptcy auction long ago). DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.6 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.4 inches. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,850 plus shipping.