Newton First Model 1916 .30 USG (.30-06). Made in Buffalo, New York, serial number 1104 (appears on underside of receiver, inside the stock and under the pistol grip cap) features a 26-inch barrel, aperture front sight on a banded pyramid base, banded sling swivel stud, folding rear sight on banded base, full-length claw extractor, checkered (underside) bolt knob, Lyman receiver sight, Lyman 438 Field scope and double set triggers. The stock has a Schnabel forend tip, bordered panel wrap checkering, steel grip cap and a cheekpiece. Takedown is both unique and innovative. The action secures against the rear portion of the tang, which in turn is anchored to the stock by a screw extending through the grip cap. The floorplate assembly rotates after opening the trap door to loosen the attaching screw. DIMENSIONS: Weight (scoped) is 8.8 pounds and length-of-pull is 13.75 inches. CONDITION: Bore is bright and absent pitting, with some general softening to the rifling. Safety and set triggers operate properly. Barrel blue shows about 70 percent, with general thinning. Markings are sharp. The action blue is also about 70 percent and thinning. Both the bolt handle and knob are about 60 percent. The stock has a coating of extra finish, an added recoil pad, spliced wood base for the rear sling loop, a missing sliver under the safety on the right side of the tang and rough inletting under the receiver sight on the right side. There is also a general scattering of scratches and impressions. The scope is clear and viable, with a bit of visible debris. Eye relief is short, approximately two inches. The price is firm and layaway is available. $1,750 plus shipping.