Luxus Arms Model 11 Presentation Grade serial number 1. Chambered in .375 H&H Magnum, serial PRES01 is a rifle of extraordinary elegance. A single shot takedown, it wears a 26-inch heavy sporter barrel that softly tapers to .750-inch at the muzzle. Appointments include a recessed crown, banded front sight with removable knurled hood and brass-beaded blade, banded sling swivel stud and a quarter rib with fully-adjustable rear express blade plus provisions for Talley rings. The action itself (with but five moving parts and an exceptional trigger pull) is optioned with the “FQ” button-locking bottom lever. A superb satin rust blue finishes with simple perfection. Stocked from an uncompromising blank set of exhibition Turkish walnut, both fore and butt showcase intricate, rioting streaks of figure with crossing highlights. Checkering is a wrapping point patten at 24 lines-per-inch to partially-mullered borders, a traditional (pancake) cheek rest is shadowed and scalloped, an inletted sling swivel stud rides the toe line and a leather-wrapped recoil pad serves an appropriate finishing touch. As it should be, the wood is protected and enhanced by hand-rubbed oil. ENGRAVING: Signed by John Vukos, the petite action is adorned with delicate, full coverage vine and scroll surrounding an outsized male leopard (right) and glowering tiger (left), the busts in gold relief. In turn, each field is bordered by gold wire which ultimately crosses the bridge to frame “.375 H&H” presented in gold script. The grip cap pedestal is dressed with a gold leopard track, as much to complete the theme as to hint of intended use. Vukos’ scroll also appears as accents on the sight hood, rib, tang and lever. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.6 pounds and length-of-pull is 14.2 inches. CONDITION: Absolutely flawless in every respect. CASE: A hand-crafted leather presentation case with brass corners is topped with a brass oval declaring it contents as “Presentation 01”. When opened, the rifle rests in a partitioned red felt interior. The maker’s label is positioned on the upper lid and a satin slip (with logo) is included for additional protection. Finally, the case itself is protected with a fitted canvas and leather cover. Condition is nearly 100 percent. ADDITIONAL INCLUSIONS: A period catalog and table card are included.