Kimber of Oregon matching set of four special order SuperAmerica rifles in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, .22 Hornet and .223 Remington. Crafted during the early 1980s, each of these SuperAmerica rifles features a 22-inch barrel with white-beaded blade front sight, quarter rib with folding adjustable rear sight and forward scope mount, rear scope mount, ebony forend tip, 24 lines-per-inch wrap checkering, scalloped cheek rest, steel grip cap and a checkered steel butt plate with widow’s peak. Metal wears polished blue finish and the wood a satin finish. As these were special order rifles, each of the AAA-grade claro blanks was selected for extra figure. All four are repeaters. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The three Model 82s (.22 LR, .22 Magnum and .22 Hornet) each have straight bolt handles, while the Model 84 .223 Remington has an early bolt handle with a slight curve. Three sight hoods are included with the fourth being promised by the consignor. SERIAL NUMBERS: Each rifle has the same serial number within the confines of the established Kimber convention. The .22 LR is SA1BRM, the .22 Magnum SAM2BRM, the .22 Hornet SAH3BRM and the .223 Remington SA4BRM. INCLUSIONS: None. No boxes or papers. DIMENSIONS: Lengths-of-pull are approximately 13.6 inches. CONDITIONS: Rifles are appear to be unfired and remain in 100 percent new condition with the following minor exceptions. The .22 LR has a small impression from a knife point on the underside of the grip at the grip cap. The Hornet has two minor impressions on the left shoulder of the stock just ahead of the serial number. The .223 has an impression on the left shoulder of the stock immediately below the serial number and a tiny impression on the underside of the grip at the grip cap.