Kimber of Oregon Model 89 BGR 7mm Remington Magnum. A unique and desirable Kimber, serial SC6000 was created circa 1988 and displayed at national hunting shows including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation “Elk Camp”. The 23-inch barrel wears a polished blue finish and has a hooded ramp front sight (white bead) along with a quarter rib rear sight (with one standing and one folding express blades). The receiver sports a matte finish (bolt handle, shroud, bottom metal and grip cap are polished to match the barrel) and has integral (square bridge) mounts for Kimber rings, jeweled bolt body/extractor/follower and a checkered bolt knob (four teardrop panels). The stock is shaped from a AAA-grade English blank, wears a gloss finish and is accented with an ebony forend tip, wrap checkering, inletted (Howell-type) sling swivel studs, scalloped cheek rest with shadow line and a steel grip cap. ENGRAVING: Factory engraver J. Michaluk executed a superb bull elk in 24K gold relief on the floorplate, framing the game scene portion with gold wire and then bracketing with bordered leaf and vine. The pattern continues over the guard and the theme reappears on the grip cap. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 8.2 pounds and the length-of-pull is 13.5 inches. CONDITION: Almost certainly unfired outside proof and clearly never taken afield, the bore is pristine. Barrel blue is approximately 99 percent, with light rubbing over a portion of the muzzle. Action finish is essentially 100 percent. Wood is approximately 99 percent, with two insignificant impressions on the toe line. The recoil pad is hardening and darkening. No box is present but the correct manual and marketing questionnaire are included. The price is firm and layaway is available. $6,000 plus shipping.