Kimber of Oregon Model 89 African .505 Gibbs. While Kimber collectors are known to engage in enthusiastic arguments as to the number of .505 Gibbs rifles actually completed, the number is most certainly small. Serial AF0320 is an unfired example of this largest-of-all Kimber calibers. Features include a banded and hooded front sight, banded sling swivel stud, quarter rib with a standing leaf express blade (and a folder left green for personal regulation), integral mounting bases with recoil shoulders, straight bolt handle, side-swinging safety, drop box magazine, trapdoor grip cap (with spare front sight blade and wrench) and a rust blue finish. Stocks were selected based on the strength of figure running through the action/grip area (this one exhibiting more overall figure than many Gibbs examples) and appointed with an ebony forend tip, wrap checkering, double crossbolts, English (pancake) cheek rest, Howell-type recessed sling swivel stud on the toe line, “pink” recoil pad and a satin finish. This particular African includes the original factory hard case (with silver sticker-label) and paperwork. Condition is outstanding with but minor suggestions of handling.