John Warren custom Mauser Model 98 7mm Remington Magnum. A surprisingly light and lively mountain rifle created by one of the masters, serial 57608 wears a 23-inch plain barrel with an elegant oval swivel stud base, Buehler rings (1-inch low) and bases, jeweled extractor/bolt body/follower, custom bolt handle and shroud, extended tang with checkered safety button, sleek bottom metal with inside-the-bow release, Canjar trigger, trap door grip cap and a trap door butt plate. The heavily-figured walnut stock begins with an ebony forend tip (slight Schnabel with tapering point). Checkering is a proper 26 lines-per-inch wrapping borderless pattern accented with diamonds and the scalloped cheekpiece is a slight Monte Carlo with shadow line. ENGRAVING: Discretely signed “John Warren Eng.” on the inside of the butt’s trap door, the bolt knob features four checkered teardrops with outlined borders ending in a symmetrical leaf-bordered sunburst and the widow’s peak butt plate displays a scroll and lattice pattern to full coverage. Both “7mm Rem. Mag.” and “Safe” appear in gold. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 7.4 pounds with mounts. Length-of-pull is 14.3 inches. CONDITION: The bore is strong and bright. Trigger pull is superb. Rust blue over all metal surfaces stands at approximately 97 percent, the exception being the butt which has uniformly silvered to approximately 70 percent. Wood finish is approximately 95 percent. Wood integrity is approximately 85 percent, with a number of impressions, scratches and instances of flattened checkering. A micro-chip occurs at the point of the extended tang. The price is firm and layaway is available. $3,850 plus shipping.