Jack O’Connor’s Eusebio Arizaga sidelock 20 gauge shotgun. Supported by a letter from an O’Connor family member, serial number 49401 was acquired in 1956 by Jack O’Connor during one of his visits to Spain. It includes two sets of 26-inch barrels, each with three-inch chambers, matted rib and a single bead. Barrel number 1 is choked IC/M and number 2 a tighter M/F. At some point, per documentation, O’Connor had Al Biesen refresh the checkering. A Miller single trigger was also added, but records do not indicate who performed the installation. Additional features include ejectors, mechanical safety, beavertail forend, checkered butt and an initial plate on the toe line engraved “JOC”. A seven-pin sidelock (hand-detachable with cocking indicators), the action wears full coverage engraving – a fine floral and ribbon pattern that flows onto the forend furniture, barrels, top lever, safety and tangs. A well-used takedown leather case with “Jack O’Connor Lewiston Idaho” stenciled on the outer lid is also included. DIMENSIONS: Weight is 6.4 pounds. Length of pull is 14.2 inches and drops are approximately 1.5 and 2.75 inches, respectively. CONDITION: Barrels retain some 98% of their rust blue finishes, as does the forend furniture, top lever, safety, side lever, guard and both tangs. Bores remain bright and shiny. The action appears to have a nickel finish that has slightly dulled from use, yet remains about 95% as well. A small dent appears at the left rear of the trigger guard. Overall wood finish condition matches that of the metal and a delightful scattering of field impressions serve to enhance personality. PROVENANCE: In addition to being referenced by serial number in the O’Connor biography and a letter from an O’Connor family member to the consignor, the consignor will provide a letter detailing all known history.