Outstanding Hamilton Bowen custom Ruger Blackhawk .44 Special. Based on an early flat top .357 Magnum which Bowen line-bored and rechambered to .44 Special, serial number 6626 is tremendous example of custom pistolsmithing. Features include a 5.5-inch barrel with a white sighting line in the front blade, steel ejector rod housing, custom white outline adjustable rear sight, terraced cylinder pin with a niter blue locking screw, fluted cylinder with black powder chamfers, color case Bisley hammer with checkered spur, scalloped frame and loading gate, color case frame, niter blued screws, superb action tune and staggering Dall’s sheep horn grips created by Rob Rowen. Sights were regulated (by Bowen) with 250-grain Garretts. CONDITION: Unturned and unfired.