Outstanding custom Ruger Blackhawk Bisley .44-40 personally crafted by Hamilton Bowen with grips by Roy Fishpaw. Made circa 2012 and based on an old model Ruger Blackhawk frame with serial number 6675, Bowen fitted a chromoly Ruger Bisley grip frame, a Bisley hammer and wide trigger from Clements Custom Guns, a 5.5-inch custom barrel and an oversized locking base pin. The original .41 Magnum cylinder was rechambered and dressed with a black powder chamfer. Turnbull Restorations provided the color case (frame, loading gate, hammer) as well as the nitre blue accents (screws). Additional features include Bowen sights (white line front ramp, adjustable rear) and a steel ejector housing. The revolver was not burdened by the addition of a transfer bar. GRIPS: The incomparable Roy Fishpaw crafted the stunning grips from a carefully-selected blank of exhibition grade English walnut. Both fit and finish are flawless, as expected. CONDITION: New and unfired, absent even the slightest indication of handling. PROVENANCE: This revolver is pictured and described on Hamilton Bowen’s website (bowenclassicarms.com) “Workshop” section.