Colt SAA .38 Special with Wayne Wild engraving and ivory grips. Serial number 302793 (appears on frame, guard and butt) hails from 1907 and wears a 7.5-inch barrel. ENGRAVING: Wild’s intricate scroll graces almost the entirety of the cylinder, frame and grip (signed) and extends to some 40 percent of the barrel and ejector rod housing. Even the screws are covered. Accented with gold wire borders combined with deep satin bluing, the execution is all but flawless. Carefully-fitted ivory grip panels provide the ideal finishing touch. MARKINGS: In addition to the 3x serial, the caliber marking appears on barrel left. No address appears on the barrel itself, suggesting it was either removed during the polishing process or that the barrel itself is a replacement. The cylinder bears the Armsmare. Patent dates and the Armsmare are sharp on frame left. CONDITION: The bore is sharp and bright. Metal finish approaches 100 percent and the cylinder is absent a turning line. The price is firm and layaway is available. $3,750 plus shipping.