Colt 1911 Commercial .45 ACP. Made in 1920, serial number C124604 exhibits strong original finish. The barrel has been replaced with one from the WWII era (produced by High Standard) and the barrel bushing appears to have been exchanged at the same time. Features include a smooth flat mainspring housing with lanyard ring and a two-tone magazine. MARKINGS: Both a “W” and a “triangle VP” show on the left side of the trigger guard, along with “29” on the right. The barrel is marked “HS” and “P”. CONDITION: Slide finish is at least 90 percent, with slight silvering along the sharp edges, a small vertical area of tarnish and loss on the left flat near the muzzle and a few tiny scattered spots. Frame finish is approximately 95 percent, with modest thinning over the gripping areas, a takedown line and two attachment screw impressions on the right side of the trigger (from a shoe). Hidden under the left grip panel are initials “HH” superficially scratched into the finish. Magazine condition is approximately 85 percent. BOX: The included hinged box (good condition) has the correct serial number written on the underside. PERIOD LITERATURE: Included are a Colt Automatic Pistol flyer (separated at spine), Colt Automatic Pistol brochure (hole punched) and a Colt Automatic Pistol booklet. The price is firm and layaway is available. $4,000 plus shipping.