Westley Richards .375 H&H Magnum (.375 Belted Rimless), serial number 42787. Built on a Mauser 98 action, this wonderful London rifle weighs just 7.2 pounds and bears the scars from generations of purposeful use with distinction. Features include a 24-inch light sporter barrel with folding hood, pop-up night sight (bead absent) and banded sling swivel stud. A small flat has been milled into the top of the barrel just ahead of the front ring. The bore remains bright and the rifling strong, with scattered light roughness. The upper portion of the front ring is stippled, with the balance of the action, floorplate, guard, framed forearm attach screw and grip cap screw engraved with a medium scroll. The swing-over safety shows “SAFE” when positioned at 3 o’clock and the initial plate on the toe line remains blank. A spectacular folding rear sight with both day and night apertures strongly suggests original intent. The stock has a 13.6 LOP over an Old English pad, a horn tip and what appears to be a horn grip cap covering a storage reserve for additional front sights. Cracked at the rear guard screw, it has been stabilized with a third ebony-capped crossbolt and two additional “hidden” bolts that blend into the stock just behind the trigger. Checkering remains viable and the English cheek with shadowline betrays both pedigree and elegance, even at a distance. The price is firm and a layaway program is available. $7,500 plus shipping.